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Summary: None


Gender: Male

Age: 2

Group: Engineering & Repair Crew


Divadroid Series 9000 Multi-function Droid


To provide gound level support to the organic crewmembers of the Blue Dwarf

Physical Appearance

The KAI series 9000 multifunction droid consists of a central grey plastic sphere supported on two, spindly hydraulic legs of shiny metal, emerging from open flaps in the sphere. Two arms extend down from the top of the sphere and are usually tipped with three-fingered claws based on the traditional skutter design. In the centre of sphere is a large glowing green eye that darts back and forth within its socket, focussing and refocussing constantly.
The Divadroid logo is printed on the rear of the sphere and KAI 9000 forms a semi-circle under the eye.

Personality and Interests

KAI 9000 is a fully programmed artificially intelligent Utility droid, with a variety of functions including mining, security, mechanical engineering and field cooking to name just a few in the basic personality pack.
Its core intelligence is a neuro pattern lock taken from Kai Rhys Davies, a forty-seven year old career miner from the Jupiter Mining Corps. (see history).
KAI 9000 is extremely pragmatic, focussed and no prone to emotional outbursts. For this series the guilt chip has been deliberately throttled in order to allow the KAI 9000 to make tougher field decisions that affect the lives of the crew it supports. The original template personality was always hard-working, dependable, honest and fair, lending the KAI 9000 a kind of affectionate, fatherly, air.
The KAI 9000 is dedicated to its job as crew support unit, thanks to the Commit-o-chip(TM) embedded in its CPU. Thanks to the Commit-o-chip(TM) it is possible to preprogram a dogged loyalty into a KAI 9000, programmable on purchase.

The KAI 9000 displays many interests, including painting, gardening, mining, ballroom dancing, advanced theoretical physics and extreme chess. The current iteration appears to have inherited an obsession with the making and brewing of tea. However, until Divadroid are able to correct this personality imbalance, all purchases include a life-time supply of Divadroid(TM) Breakfast Tea Substitute(TM) to be installed in the KAI 9000's main repair bay.


Kai Rhys Davies was waiting in the lobby of Divadroid International (TM) Cardiff office to return his Talkie Toaster (TM). He heard his name called and followed the assistant through to a central laboratory where he was strapped into an Intelligence-Disseminator(TM). He was a miner from Barry Island and didn't really know about robotics, so just assumed this was normal customer service practice. His personality was scanned and quantum-neuro-locked(TM) into the personality matrix of the Divadroid International's new series 9000 production model. Eventually Kai was able to leave, having returned the Talkie Toaster(TM) for a credit note and thought no more of it.
Divadroid were less than impressed that several million dollarpounds had now been wiped off the accounts by a simple admin cockup, but now the series 9000 was irreprably locked into the personality of this Welsh miner, instead of Captain Kir Davies, hotshot space corps pilot.

Instead of crying over lost money, the marketing department made some typological corrections to their brochure and re-packaged the 9000 as: "KAI 9000" the nicest utility-resuce-security droid you're likely to meet.

The KAI 9000 is an experiment in cost saving measures. Instead of building individual droids with high-quality mechanisms and unique identities, the 9000 series is a disposable unit. On deployment to a site, the KAI 9000 is literally made from parts by the Divadroid KAI 9000 Omni-Repair-and-Build System or ORBS. A tall cubicle, filled with spare parts and a small factory quality manufacturing robot, the ORB System creates and deploys the KAI 9000 and uploads the personality into the Droid's matrix. On damage or destruction, ORBS creates a new unit from remaining parts and re-deploys the unit, uploading the experiences from the previous unit.

Overall, compared to the continual upkeep of older models, the series 9000 is fundamentally cheaper to maintain.

Its role is anything the crew it is assigned to require of it. Its Commit-o-chip(TM) binds its own fate to that of the crew assigned to it, creating a uniquely loyal and friendly artificial intelligence.

We hope you enjoy your purchase. For any queries, please contact our Customer Support Centre on Pluto, open during those times when Neptune's orbit allows for hyper-net communications.

Favourite Sayings

"Hand me that match, I'll find your gas leak, won't I?"
"I might be dead, but I'm not beaten, see!"
"I don't think they could hit a whale from this dist-"
"I've thought about death a lot, but only in passing."
"You can't make a decent tea without a decent pot, can you?"
"It's ok, if it were live I couldn't touch it, could -?!"

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