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Alfredo Gomez

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Group: Engineering & Repair Crew





Physical Appearance

Six feet tall with a lean but athletic build, bald with dark eyes and lightly tanned skin. Usually wears boiler suits or military fatigues whilst on duty. Off duty, he prefers more casual clothing like Hawaiian shirts and chinos.

Personality and Interests

Despite his intimidating glare and serious expression, Alfredo is a kind, quiet soul who is disciplined, well spoken and a gentleman. Is a keen amateur boxer and prefers to spend his time off duty working out. A teetotaler and non-smoker, he is only ever found in the pub if the Zero-Gee Football is on, with his favourite team being the Barcelona Bulls. Whilst a peaceful man by nature, he has been known to fly into a rage if his ship, his beloved Bulls or his mother is insulted.


Born on the Spanish colony of Mimas, Alfredo was raised in the slums. His father worked as a cargo loader at the Mimas Central Spaceport whilst his mother stayed at home and looked after Alfredo and his sisters. Alfredo fell in love with the many starships he saw come and go from the spaceport, dreaming of one day leaving Mimas behind on one of them to see the sights of outer space.

At sixteen he left school with qualifications in engineering and electronics and signed onboard a German cargo freighter bound for Venus as a deckhand. Over the next fourteen years he visited many of the colonies and planets of the solar system, working his way up to being a top flight engineer by a mixture of correspondance courses, field promotions and impressing his superiors by cooking the best paellea this side of Pluto.

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