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ok cool, but is the home page still the same address?

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Dear members
There seems to be a slight changeover in the egroups acccount which the Blue Dwarf group is a part of. Egroups has been taken over by Yahoo to apparently provide us with better services and the usual shite companies like this come out with. Our group has been changed over to the new system automatically and every one should experience very little problems. There may be a few repeatings of posts and also a few posts may not come through, so make sure to check the website for any posts which may not have made the trecherous jouney to your e-mail inbox.
However, we all may need to log into egroups again to access things like polls and the chat facilities we could get to on the egroups site before. This should be relatively easy, go to and click the little "convert my account" button at the bottom to convert your account to the new one. You'll also have to log into a yahoo acount which is pretty annoying.
to get to our BD egroups page try going to
I'm not sure if we have to reply back to jmc_blue_dwarf@yahoogroups or anything, but I'm sure the old address should work untill we find out.
I hope this works out for everybody, if you can't log in ask someone who has managed it. I have barely managed it so I suppose you can ask me!
Onion/ Cmdr Niples
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