We who are about to work, dont want to.... Part 2

Who: John 'promise it wont be as shit as last time' Keats
When: here and now baby
Where: Dwarf
Several other interviews flashed through his mind as he strode
forwards into the place of business. The sleazy music and thick
cigarette smoke made the place look dingy and back water, but this
just hid its more formidable, dangerous side...
The man at the counter nodded at him, he wore the suit of his
profession with pride, and gave a smile, you could almost see the
bloody lust n him. Yes, this truely was a place where men and women
alike lost what made them human, their souls and became something far
worse. He walked through the far door and into an office. At one end a
man in a suit sat in the dark smoking a large cigar, probably of the
cuban variety, but this didnt catch the mans eyes. He was more
interested in what this 'Legitimate Businessman' was tossing between
his hands. It looked much like a early 21st century handgun. Reliable,
dependable and having the stopping power of 100HB (Half Bricks). Never
the less, the man strode in, and gulped.
"Please... be seated my new friend, can i make you comfortable?
Scotch? Smoke? A younf lady?"
"No thanks... sir... id prefer to get striaght to business" The man in
the suit nodde, and took another long draw from his cigar.
"So, what makes you think you are able to work for us? What makes
you... special..."
"Well... ive had alot of experience, i lived in Neo-Stroud as a boy,
and these kind of places were hard to avoid.. especially in the evenings"
"These kinds of places? Do you bring dirt here? Onto my... business..."
"No sir, i mean-"
"Never mind, my son, we all make mistakes, i shall forget this mistake
for today is the day of my daughters weeding..."
"No, ive just always wanted to say that!" The suited man laughed. Tho,
it was more of a chesty wheeze than a bellowing chortle
"Anyways, i plead you, i lend you my services, please accept me, i
have nowhere else to turn..."
The cigar smoking man stands up and walks around to John, whos ropugh
suit and sweaty demeanure do nothing to improve his standing.
"Son... who would i be to not accept you into my.... business..." John
looked up
"You mean?"
"Yes... let me be the first to welcome you into the McDonalds federation!"
"Thankyou sir!" The cigar man holds out a signet ring, hich John bows
to thankfully.
"Never mind my son, sort your shifts out with the man att he desks and
get a uniform from him to, your wage will be minimum at start, but
from there, who knows, one day you could havemy job!!" John starts to
laugh, but seeign the mans glasre stops and shakes his hands, turns,a
nd walks out.
"Minimum wage... thats almost double what i earned as a pilot! and for
flipping burgers to!!"
And so began a new chapter in Johns Life...

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