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Who:- Tara, Efof, Callum, Jessie, Kara, Chrizla, Guinevere
Where:- SCV Manchester United, Brig wing
When:- After everyone had escaped from their cells....
" got out of your cell's on your own then..." Jay said, disappointed
he didnt get to be a big hero.
"'Fraid so Jay.." Callum said "Er...Sorry?"
"Ah never mind, I wasn't in the mood for lock-picking anyway.."
Jay and Tara glanced over the new face's, while Efof tossed his internal
organ about juggling it between his four hands.
"What are you doing here?" Asked Kara.
"We don't have time for small talk" Tara said "Those Marines will be in here
before we know it"
Jay nodded and he and Tara removed their back packs and opened them, tossing
weapons to each of the escapees.
"Wait a second" said Guinevere "Surely we cant just walk out the door,
they've got us cornered in here!"
Jay smiled as Tara passed him a large cutting torch from her pack.
"I believe I'll let the chief engineer do the honours?" he said, passing it
to Callum.
Callum looked blank, he looked at the torch, then back at Jay.
"You know.." he said "It's not exactly a long-range weapon.."
"Ooohhh!!" Callum said, realisation dawning and he dropped to his knees and
lowered the mask Tara passed him over his face and proceeded to cut a large
hatch in the ground.
Jay and Tara then led the way, dropping to the next level.
"All we gotta do..." Jay said "Is make our way to the ventral docking port
undetected, and we're home free..." Jay said, drawing his pistols.
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Callum and Kara sat in their cell together, neither had spoken for
almost half an hour. Callum had been watching the movements of the
guards. There was now only two on duty and alert sirens were
sounding every few seconds, along with the security warning
of `heavily armed intruders'.
"We need to get out of here somehow…" He whispered back to Kara who
was currently lying on one of the bunks.
"Well have you got a plan then?" Before Callum got a chance to tell
Kara about his new plan (which involved him stripping off and
seducing a female guard). A third space corp. officer entered the
room and stood in front of the force field with a laser pistol.
"Alright you two." He said as he deactivated the field. "Your coming
for interrogation. Kara and CK both stood up before the guard fired
a warning shot into the air. "Not you!" he said pointing at CK. "The
girl first" he said sniggering to himself.
"What are you going to do to her?" Callum asked, partly trying to
stall and partly trying to occupy the guard. By now Kara was outside
the cell and the guard turned around.
"Don't worry" the sick man said… "We'll give her the same treatment
we give our other female clients."
Unable to contain his anger anymore CK jumped out of the cell before
anyone had a chance to raise the force field and karate chopped the
guard from behind. A moment later Kara high kicked the second guard
in the face. She then stood back and watched as Callum jumped a
cross a desk and ignored the laser pistols on the floor as he
engaged in a sixties style fist fight with the third guard in which
he almost deliberately ripped his shirt and seemed to get blood on
his top lip and cheek without actually cutting himself as he started
humming a piece of over dramatic and repetitive music.
Kara noticed the guard on the floor move for the pistol. She quickly
stepped oh his hand and he looked up at her. "I don't think so." She
smiled. The guard pulled his hand out and fired a shot a Kara. It
hit her in the shoulder and she stumbled backwards into a nearby
wall. The guard lost his smile of victory when Kara glared at
him. "Do you have any idea how annoying it is when someone just goes
and shoots you? I mean I just got this jacket repaired and it's just
so irritating when some living bastard fires at you when you're a
hologram! It's the most ineffective tactic ever!" She complained.
The guard fired again this time hitting her in the stomach. Kara
rolled her eyes and charged at the guard. She grabbed his arm and
pried the gun out of his hand. But instead of going for the gun
herself she just head butted the guard dropping him to the floor
unconscious. She looked at CK who was still fighting his guard and
still humming that annoying tune. "Will you stop that incessant
humming before I do something about it myself?!" She snapped.
"Ok," Callum said disappointed as he punched the guard in the face,
knocking him out. "Right, what now?"
Before Kara could reply both of them began to hear muffled cries for
help from the brig next door through the now opened door. Callum and
Kara both grabbed rifles and ran to where the screaming was coming
from only to find several perverted guards and Guinevere. It only
took a few moments of Callum's built up rage before those guards
were nothing more than corpses. Moments later Jay and the other
dwarfers entered.
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