*ACTION* Shattered Mirror.

Who:- Jay, Amber, Canaries
Where:- Thorax
When:- Snip
"I was out of line there I know, but I want to help correct what I did. If I can help save Earth and Alota then maybe they wont hate me as much... Maybe I wont end up in jail..." She looked away from Jay as they slowed to a walk, far enough away from the Fools Gold and the hatchery."I know. I dont blame you for her death." Jay said putting his hand on his god daughters shoulder. "I feel the same way. I want to save Earth. I was too late last time." There was a silence that fell over the group as they marched on towards the bridge of the Thorax.<End snip>
"Alright, this is it guys" Jay whispered to Amber and the dozen or so other Canaries that were huddled around him. They were currently at the entrance to the bridge of the Thorax, where they knew Evil Jay, Evil Amber and the hymenoptera were about to obliterate the Earth, from the Blue Dwarf's point of view, for the second time. "Through there." he continued "Is the control centre, soon as we burst in, you can guarantee every damn bug on this ship is gonna know about it and rush here to defend my past self."
Amber nodded, then spoke "So whats the plan?"
"Well, If we've timed it right" Jay replied, glancing at his watch and shuddering at the thought of what happened last time he wore a watch when they travelled back in time...images of Doctor Keto and Doctor Cerebrum's evil empire came flooding back. "Then we've got about 10 minutes to stop the Earth being destroyed, I'm gonna go for the weapon controls, Amber you try and subdue your past self...the rest of you covering fire as and when its needed."
"So you're goin' in?" asked one of the Canaries. "Not like you officer types to risk your lives with us"
"I got you all into this mess, I'm with you all the way on this..besides, I;m not an officer any more, according to the Corp, I'm a criminal, just like you guys"
"Oi!" said a Canary from the back of the group "I'm no criminimimininaI'm innocent! I swear I never touched those badgers!!"
"Ok!" Amber said, getting itchy, "LETS GET IN THERE!!"
The squad of heavily armed goons, the half-gelf daughter of a gelf, who had superhuman reflexes, and the ex chief navigation officer of the Blue Dwarf stormed the bridge, Jay came face to face with himself.
"Shut down the weapon asshole!" Jay shouted, his gun aimed at Evil-Jay.
Evil Jay sighed, "An empty threat Mr Chrysler..." he said "Kill me, kill yourself, you cant come back and threaten me anyway its that old time paradox trick that you just cant get enough of!"
"How did you know we're from the future?" Amber asked, holding a gun into her counterparts back.
"Well...first, I have no memory of these events from his point of view" Evil Jay said pointing at Jay "Second, we picked up temporal disturbances from when you arrived it was all quite obvious...still, the effort you're putting into stopping me seems to suggest I was succesful in eradicating that useless mudball from the universe, I should be celebrating...if only these darn insects wern't so f##king allergic to alcohol..."
"Shut. It. Off." Jay repeated.
"Are you really that much of a moron? Granted you've found a way to regain full control of your mind from me, but do you need see that killing me won't change a thing? The Earth will still be destroyed, you just wont be around to see it this time, therefore, you also wont exist to come back and shoot me...meaning I carry on as though nothing happened, it's all very boring"
The hymenopteran guards arrived at the door.
"Oh dear" said Evil Jay "Looks like you've wasted your trip..."
The canaries opened fire, Jay took this as his opportunity to go for the control panel.
"DAMMIT!" he yelled "I can't read this stuff! Amber get over here!"
Amber moved toward the control's but was stopped by her past self who kicked her heard from behind.
Evil Jay, took his chance to assault Jay, diving into his future self, knocking him to the floor.
"You may not be able to kill me, but I can sure as hell kill you!" he said wrapping his hands around Jay's throat.
A canary, saw this, and hurled an empty magazine from his rifle at Evil Jay which rebounded of his head, and made him lose his grip.
The Canary was promptly shot in the back by a Hymenoptera weapon, but this gave Jay the opportunity to bring his leg up and kick Evil Jay hard in the face, knocking him backwards.
Jay went for the control panel again, but Evil Jay had drawn his sword and brought it down on Jay, who managed to dodge the blade, but couldnt prevent the sword from slicing into the weapons control panel destroying it.
"Oh oh..." Evil Jay said "Looks like you're not stopping my weapon today!"
Jay had an idea, but he needed to get across to the otherside of the bridge to pull it off. He began moving across, but Evil Jay took a swipe at Jay with his sword, as a Hymenoptera fired at Jay simultaneously, Jay ducked, and rolled evading both attacks but he was no closer to his target.
Without warning, Evil-Jay clutched his temples and fell to the ground screaming in pain.
"What's happening?" Jay asked no-one in particular.
"JAY!" yelled Amber, from an odd position beneath her countepart, "THATS MEANS YOU'RE PAST SELF IS ABOUT TO TAKE CONTROL, NOWS YOUR CHANCE YOU DONT HAVE MUCH TIME LEFT!"
Jay dashed across the bridge to the helm control, and dived at the control stick, pushing it as far to the right as he could.  The ship turned violently, but in the opposite direction to that he'd pushed it.
"Damn hymie controls!" he yelled, but Earth was no longer in the firing line, the weapon fired skimming the moon, cutting a large trench across its surface and creating a few asteroids which hurtled into the earths atmosphere where they either burned up or caused some minor damage to various parts of the world, and destroyed Scunthorpe.
"Jay you did it!" Amber shouted, as Jay ran across and smashed the butt of his gun into Evil Amber's skull, as he had done before knocking her unconcious. 
Alota began to come too, and Jay, together with his now restored past self ran across to untie her. 
One Hymenoptera soldier, didn't like where this was going and fired a shot in their general direction. The bullet shot between the two Jay's, and hit Alota, right where Amber's bullet had hit her before.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Yelled Jay, grabbing his rifle and emptying its ammo into the offending bug.
The other bugs had either been killed or had retreated.
Jay quickly dashed back to Alota, and rapidly untied her, he picked her up and passed her to his counterpart. "GO! ESCAPE POD NOW!"
He pointed at the pod where Amber had loaded her double. "Maybe she can be saved this time!!" 
His past self looked up, tears in his eyes. He shook his head, Alota was already dead.
Several of the few remaining Canaries had already taken escape pods and were heading back to the Blue Dwarf, some had been shot down by Hymenoptera fighters out in the main battle zone, but a few made it through. Jay, was now on his knees, tears streaming down his face staring at the now sealed door of the lifeboat dock that had just taken the lifeless body of Alota away from him. Away for good.   
amber radioed Chris Harris to get everyone aboard the Fools Gold and get out before the heavily battle damaged Thorax exploded as it had previously done so and walked over to Jay 
"Come on Jay" said Amber "We're the last one's here...lets, go home...."
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Who: Same as last timeWhere: The ThoraxWhen: Snip~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~---- Snip ----Peter now had nothing to do. He wondered about Alandra, and if hewould ever see her again, bringing a brief feeling of fear and guiltto his stomach."Mk7 to Marwood. over" came the crackle of Mk7's unmistakable accentover Peter's walkie talkie."Marwood here. Over" Peter spoke back"commence pumping.over"Peter gave the signal to Callum to turn on the pump. He just prayedto God it worked.---- End Snip ----By this time, Amber had realised the chain of events that would happen and had sat down on the edge of the cavern, quietly hoping that something would block the hose and save her and Jay from fading out of existence as the old Jay and Amber were killed in the Thorax. There was a large clunk and a small explosion and a fizzle. The pumping mechanism had failed. Amber leapt up from the edge and took this as her opportunity to make her point, again."If you do this you'll kill me and Jay! I know I don't mean much to this crew anymore but please think about Jay!" Amber said."Whats the live of a stupid Canarie and a fugitive when the whole of the Earth is at stake." One of the crew from the Fools gold said. Amber subdued the urge to stick a bullet in his head for insulting Jay and calling the Canaries worthless."I have a plan. It will work if you give us time. Fix the pumping system and wait till we get back. Give us time to save our future" Jay quietly added after this "And Alota" He carried on louder again  "Then you can flood this damned ship!" Jay said, after catching onto what was happening and what would have happened exceptionally slow for the Chief Navigation Officer. The crew of the Fools Gold grumbled. Jed Stepped forwards."Now listen here ya yellow fancy pants dude. This here is my posse and i'll not be havin the like of you ordering them about." Jed reached for his six shooter. Amber nodded and the entire remaining collection of Canaries locked their guns onto Jed."I don't give a damn about you or your crew right at this moment in time. I'll quite happily let these guys fire." Amber swept her arm and indicated the flock of Canaries. "If it means I can get Jay and Alota out of this mess alive." Amber spat back at the cowboy. Several of the Blue Dwarf crew were giggling at this point as Mk 7 who had been fighting an inner battle had lost, and his scutter like instincts had left him unable to do nothing but stare at Jed in awe."Are you Clint Eastwood?" He said amazed."Now then my metal buckaroo. I'm sure ain't that fella' but I sure can handle cattle like him. The names Jed, Jed Calvert." He tipped his hat and started having an in depth conversation with Mk 7 about 'the wild west'. One of the Canaries took this time to throw a smoke grenade at the crew of the Fools Gold."Leg it!" Jay yelled, and took off towards the crossing over the egg hatchery. On the other side, he kept running and hoped that the rest of the crew had the braincells to go after him. Amber appeared at his side, leading her squad. "I was out of line there I know, but I want to help correct what I did. If I can help save Earth and Alota then maybe they wont hate me as much... Maybe I wont end up in jail..." She looked away from Jay as they slowed to a walk, far enough away from the Fools Gold and the hatchery."I know. I dont blame you for her death." Jay said putting his hand on his god daughters shoulder. "I feel the same way. I want to save Earth. I was too late last time." There was a silence that fell over the group as they marched on towards the bridge of the Thorax.<Tag>OOC - We cant destroy the ship yet, you'll kill Amber and Jay. We have a plan, trust us.;p

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