Seymour - "Ghostly figures"

Who: Seymour Niples
Where: Outside Jenny Bond's quarters
When: As the away team are escaping
Seymour banged hard on Jenny's door. He knew she was inside, he could
hear the baby crying.
"Jenny let me in, its my baby too!"
"No!" came a firm response.
"Aww come on, you know I'll be good with her. I won't drop her on her
head I promise!"
"You almost did last time!" she shouted through the door.
"That's different, I was pretending to provoke a reaction out of you
you miserable co-" Seymors attention was caught by something else.
He paused for a moment, then banged on the door even harder. "Jenny!
Jenny please let me in now… there's a ghost out here!"
There was a silence and then the door electronically unbolted and
Seymour jumped through. He looked rough, his normally well ironed suit
was creased as if he'd been worrying far too much about his newborn
baby. Jenny was looking haggard too, presumably because of the
sleepless night she's been getting looking after the baby.
The first thing Seymour said as he walked in was "Oh my god you look
Jenny gave him the dirtiest of dirty looks. And shot back defensively.
"I'd like to see how you look after you've just given birth, and had
to sacrifice all your sleep to looking after the baby!"
"I want to help, you just won't let me!" He said.
She was going to shoot back another angry comment but shook it off.
"So what were you saying about a ghost?"
Then she saw it. A transparent blurred figure walked into her flat and
held an instrument up to them both, as if scanning them. It did the
same to the baby and wrote something down on a clipboard.
As the door to the flat was still open, a worried looking Alandra ran
in. "Guys guys, have you seen the ghosts! – oh, I see you already have
She stood still and watched as Jenny tried to slap the ghostly figure
away from her baby. Her hand went straight through.
The figure then turned and in the next ten seconds walked out of the
door, but for every of those seconds they could see it occupy the same
area in space simultaneously.
"Seymour! Stop hiding behind that couch!" Shouted Jenny. "And go ask
the Captain if we're passing through any temporal anomalies."
"Don't tell me what to do!" Seymour said. "I'm a Royal Amb-"
"Of course!" Shouted Alandra in a eureka moment. "It must be because
we've travelled back in time, an anomaly of some sort."
"Of course!" said Seymour trying to regain his composure.
"Lets follow it!" Said Alandra and dragged Seymour out of the room,
chasing after the blurred man.
They followed the man to the Drive Room where he scanned a few more
people (who didn't seem to notice) and seemed to download the Blue
Dwarf's mission logs onto a futuristic USB stick. Then he silently
talked into a communication device and seemed to beam away.
"Did you see that!" Said Seymour.
"Yes." Said Alandra. "And I saw what was written on his clipboard."
"SCTP. Does that mean anything to you?"
Seymour pulled a face and slapped his forehead. "Space Corps Temporal
Police!" he looked at Alandras blank expression. "Lets go ask Phil."
He said.
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