"Sneeze your way!.."

"That explains it then." Said Seymour.
"Explains what?"
"Why you've turned into a dancing tortoise, and why I've got a cocker
spaniel for a leg." <end snip>
Who: Alandra,Seymour, Peter
Where: Drive Room/Hanger 3
When: Who knows...
Alandra threw up her hands. "Oh ok I get the drift, you guys change
but I dont!" Alandra snapped. She looked around, she didnt noticed
that her eye color had changed from hazel to a dark brown.
Alandra clenched her teeth, then grabbed her hair which had black
highlights in it now. "Im confused.." Alandra snapped.
"Oh you changed, your eye color just went from hazel to brown and
you got black streaks in your hair and its not wavy anymore, atleast
you look normal!!" Seymour shriked.
Alandra rolled her eyes. "Im going to go see Peter." Alandra snapped
walking out of the drive room.
She looked around some things normal other things not so normal. The
blue carpet was now pink which drove Alandra crazy.
<Not only do I not exsist in time but the freaken floor is pink,
with flowers sprouting out of it!!> Alandra thought while standing
in the hallway.
Alandra sneezed, but where she found herself after rubbing her eyes
shocked her, she was some how transported to the drive room, from
"Hey I thought you left!" Seymour said with a shocked look on his
face. "I did!" Alandra snapped back. She sneezed again the
transported to the aircraft hanger were she was planning to go.
Alandra looked around. "Much better" Alandra said slightley sniffing.
Alandra rubbed her eyes then caught a glimpse of the 'Fools Gold' on
the hanger floor.
Alandra ran over to the ship and looked around, she then caught a
hole in the side of the ship then walked inside. She saw Peter
laying on the floor with the others, he didnt change apperence
"PETER!!" Alandra shriked running over to him she ran over by his
side so happy to see him....
<Tag Peter!!>

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