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Owen thought, he's got to help Chrysler. He's the only one that has faith in him. He got together all his money, 20 pounds and gave them to Nutter Harris. He said, 'Go on then he can come out, I need this money for a pros..., i mean the cinema!
Chrysler came out of the cell, still in his sandwhich board, and they set off for Parrots.

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Chrysler paced back and forth across the cell, stil wearing hissandwhich board, wondering of anyone was gonna bail him out
after all he was only trying to save Parrotts

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Engineering lab
"Why are you eating that crap, Steev?" asked Zack, as he dropped off some broken glassware that needed re-melting.  "It's just re-constituted bread, gristle, and wood paste."
"Mmmmpfff, uglefer, spffffttt" replied Steev, coating the front of Zacks lab coat with chewed up burger, and making Zack glad that he'd forgotten to take off his lab specs.
Steev quickely wolfed down the rest of the burger, before trying again.

"Well, why do they taste so good, if they're just bread and crap?" asked Steev, as they discussed the state of fast-food in todays society.
"Pfah, it's all just chemicals.  They're hot, are soaked in oil, and they've got flavour enhancers.  Monosodium glutamate and sodium chloride are both very simple chemicals that can make pretty bland food taste a lot better."
"Yeah, but burgers taste gooood, onion rings taste gooood."
"Hey, sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie, but I don't know that, 'coz.....  I don't like pumpkin pie." Zack finished rather lamely.  "Look, gimmee that scrap of burger that's left."
Zack wrestled the remains of Steev's burger off him, and placed it inside a specemin tube, which he took out of his wallet.  Steev couldn#'t help but notice that there was a sticker on Zack's wallet, saying "BAMF"
"Hey, what's that stand for?  Bad-ass mother-****er?" asked Steev.
"What?  Oh, no, that's the sticker of a Barium methyl-flouride bottle.  Dunno how that got on there."  replied Zack, peeling of the sticker to remove the leather cover, embosed with the sentance 'Cuddle a chemist and see the reaction.'
"Right, I'll prove to you that these are full of crap."  muttered Zack, as he strode of to his lab.
What will Zack find in the burger?
Why are they still using glass?
Surely kebabs are just as bad, aren't they?
Why are Americans unable to realise that hamburgers are called that because they were invented in Hamburg, Germany, and not because they're made of ham?
Who started this annoyng trend of putting questions at the ends of posts- everybody's doing it now.
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