Major Harris \'can\'t think of a title\'

Outside Owen's bar
After Swete found that vail
(What really happened between Owen and Harris)
Harris looked down at the cash that barman Owen was handing him and demanded. "What the hell is!?"
"Chrysler's bail." Owen answered that Major.
"No bail was set for Chrysler!" Harris snapped at Owen making the barman jump. "He's going to strew in that hold cell until his five hours are up!"
"Would the momey get him out any sooner?" Owen asked.
"Are you trying to bribe me?!" Harris hissed.
"...Bribe..." Owen gulped.
"Get out of sight and I'll let the worm out of the cell!" Harris snarled.
"Yes sir." Owen said and started to leave.
"Don't call me SIR!" Harris yelled at the barman.
"Major!" Swete shouted as she ran up to him.
"Tell me you have something that'll make me a happy camper." Haris told Swete.
"I found this." Swete said as she handed Harris a small vial.
"Good work, Swete." Harris commented as he took the vail from her.
"Is ther anything else?" Swete asked.
"No, push off." Harris told Swete.
"Hey!" Swete commented.
"Alright, I owe you one, now push off!" Harris snapped at Swete and then she left.

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