"so what are you going to do for shore leave then, family,
friends..." WW asked
"Well" Alota said "I'm going to go visit my family and a few old
friends back in my home county of Lincolnshire in good old England"
Tara sat back and burst into tears while in fits of sobbing and being
watched by most people in the bar she said "I don't have any family"
there was a stuned silence and the bar went very quiet and was then
filled with chatter again "My mum and Dad died in a shuttle accident
when I was at school in England" Tara sobbed "After I had finished
school I had to live with my mum's sister. Mrs Rimmer was nice but
one of her sons Arnold was so anoying, he would follow me around all
day with a camera and his telegraph pole photo collection" Tara
shuddered at the memory, "It was the worst time of my life, I waned
the post on Blue Dwarf to get away from them, Rimmer had been placed
on Red Dwarf before I found out the Blue Dwarfs mission" Alota and
White Wolf didn't know what to say there was another awkward silence
and Tara said
"I have to go" and ran out of the bar towards her quarters...
Is Tara really related to the sadest guy in the universe?
What will people think of her now?
Will Phil still like her?
What will happen next?
Who cares?
Will these questions go on forever?
Answers on a postcard...

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