Katrina Swete
Her quarters
Katrina hummed to herself pleasantly as she packed her favorite belongings.
She was going back to Earth. Home home home. She'd had enough of Deep Space,
mops, and pushy superior officers. Yup, she decided, it's time to go AWOL.
What was the worse they could do? she asked herself. Court-martial her and
send her to prison? Ha! She could take whatever they threw at her standing on
her head with her eyes sewn open.
There was a knock at her door. "Open!" Katrina called out in a sing-song
The doors opened. A pretty Japanese girl stepped in. "Hello?" the girl
Katrina looked at her strangely. "Yes?"
The girl dropped her duffel bag as she stepped in. "Uh, hi, I'm D'Arcy-Jada
Longwood. I just came aboard." The girl held out her hand.
Katrina looked at the hand for a second, then shook it wearily. "Hey. I'm
Katrina Swete. I'm a janitor, so this hand you're shaking will probably be
used to one day unclog your toilet."
D'Arcy yanked her hand away. Katrina started laughing. "I'm kidding! Welcome
D"Arcy let out a nervous chuckle. "Yes, I know you're a janitor. That's why
I'm here."
Outside D'Arcy's new quarters
Katrina grunted as she forced the crowbar to open DJ's new doors. The doors
finally slid open, squeaking something horrible. D'Arcy walked past Katrina,
who was panting from the strain, and threw her duffle bag on her bed.
"You're gonna have to leave these doors open for now," Katrina called in.
"I'll get one of the scutters down here to oil these doors immediately."
"Thank you," DJ murmured, somewhat dissapointed as she looked around her new
Katrina heard her tone and walked in. She gazed around. "It is a bit messy,"
Katrina lied. It was, in fact, very messy. "The scutter can take care of this
D'Arcy forced a smile. "I appreciate it." She paused. "Where can I find you
if I need you again?"
Katrina grinned at the new girl. "Earth."
(I hope DJ doesn't mind I wrote her in already. I was in the mood to be
helpful :)

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