Who: Mel Where: Vespidae When: After last 'snip' OOC. Is 'snip' short for snippet?   Dear Diary, Thinks have gotten pretty crazy around here. I'm no longer on Blue Dwarf. CK and I escaped onto this ship that was just at New Australia. I don't even know what we're doing. I saved a man and everyone told me off! Just because I didn't care about his cracked ribs! The nerve of some people! It's lucky I actually considered helpin a man. A man. A putrid, unhuman vermin-like thing that crawls around existence. I haven't been myself lately. I've actually become spontaneous and exciting. I'm actually interesting! And I've been nice to men! Men! First it was CK, now it's Keto. What will become of me? Will my true colours show? I need to think of a name for my alter ego...Evie Redmill. It sounds familiar, I think I've mentioned it before to someone recently, but I just can't
remember. I guess it couldn't hurt...   Mel   <tag> OOC. In case you don't remember, Evie Redmill was CK's non de plume when we were undercover. Remember? He had long, red hair? This could get interesting...
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