Am I dumb?

<snip> Alandra moved her head closer and gritted through her
teeth, "Am I pregnant or not?"
Bobby put on a face as if she were as thick as rancid milk.
"'Course yer are, yer trannie! Now, do yer want the tattoo or not?"
<end snip>
Who: Alandra and Bobby
When:After snip
Where: Medibay
Alandra glared at Bobby.
"No I do not, I dont even want to stay here any longer. Im getting
Sick of this place!" Alandra hissed
"Well you work here!" Bobby snapped back.
"I work in the smegging science deprartment, Im a weapons in
inventor!" Alandra snapped attomaticley back.
She noticed that Bobby was stairing at her again.
"Can I go now?!" Alandra said in a serious tone her anger starting
to grow.
"Do you want a tattoo or not?" Bobby asked again.
Alandra sighed with frustration. "NO, Leave me alone!" Alandra
hissed again.
Bobby stepped back slightley shocked from her sudden outburst.

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