**Important** Crew Deletion

Attention crew:
This is an announcement.
All the characters you want to keep, PC's (Player Characters) and
NPC's (Non Player Characters) along with e-mail addresses you want to
stay subscibed to the Yahoo Group, I want to know.
You have two weeks untill 11th July 2006 to send me them.
Anybody not having sent me these names and addresses after the
deadline of 11th July 2006 WILL BE DELETED!
You wont get another warning about this, if you don't care enough to
read this one then you deserve to be deleted. Likewise if you can't be
arsed to find out me e-mail address and tell me.
I want your characters you wanna keep and e-mail addressed you wanna
use by 11th July 2006.
You don't get another chance after that date.
You've been warned.
~Becca - Uber Mod~

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