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OOC: Quite honestly, I didn't think as far as who would be at the
other end of the door for this one. So, if anyone has any ideas....
Feel free.
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> WHO: Nikola
> WHERE: The Blue Dwarf
> WHEN: Ten A.M.
> Nikola is carrying two tote bags as he walks down a well-lit
> He opens the door to his new quarters, steps inside, and slams it
> shut.
> "Not exactly the presidential suite, but it'll do, For now," he
> to himself. Nikola drops the two gym bags- one full of clothes
> other regalia, and the second filled with assorted weaponry. He
> quietly opens the second bag, takes out a small crystalline blade,
> and shoves the dagger up his sleeve. Nikola tosses his bags to
> side and makes his way to a poster tacked to the wall.
> "Now' let's get down to business," he tells no-one. Nikola
> into his back pocket under his overcoat and grabs a black
> marker. He quickly scribbles all over the poster- starring his
> room, making several arrows pointing to different places.
> Just as Nikola is finished drawing a circle around the armoury,
> there is a knock at the door.
> "Excuse me? Mr. Nie- Nic-" "That's Nikola. Nee-koh-lah."
> OOC: Well, there goes my first post.

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