Re: Chasing Igor (OOC - story confusion!)

OOC - No worries matey. As Reuben has continued my thread I think it
could be sensible to carry on with it, also I think it might give us
all an extra complication and more to post about in the meantime.
I like the idea of slapping Igor around though, so how about we keep
that idea but have a car chase first to catch him? Then Phil can have
his wicked way bwahahahaha!
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> Subject: [JMC_Blue_Dwarf] Chasing Igor
> Who: Everyone in the Spotted Duck (Jay, Chris Harris, Seymour, Keto,
> Efof, MK9, Dean, Phil, Tara, Nikola and anyone else I've missed)
> Where: The Spotted Duck
> When: After last post
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> "You are skating on very thin ice, *Ambassador* Niples," muttered
> Keto, "But we shall converse about this later. Now. To business.
> Where are my medistaff and what do any of us know about these
> <end snip>
> Tara was about to pipe up with a her medical diagnosis so far, but
> Seymour butted in. "So far all I know is that this place stinks like
> an abattoir and I can't believe a high class individual such as myself
> is even in the same room as a rotting corpse. I'm a Royal Ambassador
> for lord's sake!"
> Mk9 pointed to the trapdoor to the cellar where Igor had escaped to.
> "Let's find Igor and get some answers out of him, he went down there –
> look!"
> Mk9 blasted the trapdoor open, which some people thought was
> unnecessary, especially Seymour who got a splinter in his eye. He was
> just about to whinge about it however when he was pushed down the hole
> first.
> "Excuse me fellows but is this any way to treat a r-"
> "Quiet Seymour and just tell us if it's safe down there!" Shouted
> "Erm… no… no…. I can't see any Zombies, which I'm jolly well happy
> about. Just a dark tunnel. Maybe Mk9 should come first."
> The small robot pushed his way forward and illuminated the path with
> one of his robotic extensions. The group followed them through the
> trapdoor and descended a narrow damp staircase. At the bottom it
> opened out into a stone wine cellar, with an unusual-looking group of
> cars.
> "This looks like the garage!" Said Jay, looking at the unusual
> selection of cars. Some were classics, but all had been modified in
> some way… or maybe "butchered" would be a more appropriate word. All
> of the cars looked like some kind of unusual cross-breed experiment,
> like a selection of Frankenstein cars.
> The most unusal one of them all was currently being worked on by a
> frustrated little man. It was Igor. He was trying to jump start one of
> the cars and escape.
> Nikola spotted him first and called everyone else over.
> "Grab him before he gets away!" Said Jay.
> But it was too late, Igor had got the car working and quickly jumped
> in, speeding off into the Martian dusk.
> Everyone watched him through the open garage door. The sun was
> starting to set on Mars, making visibility poor. But the amount of
> smoke that Igor's unusual car was spitting out it could be followed
> easily.
> Jay looked around. "Quick guys, find a car that works and lets follow
> him."
> Seymour raised his hand slightly. "Can I get in a potentially `smooth'
> car please, I get travel sick."
> "Travel sickness is the least of your worries" said Keto pointing out
> of the door, a group of zombies had noticed the open garage door and
> were walking towards them.
> OOC – Tag anyone, what happens next?

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