Away-team - "Distrust"

The sounds of many guns being readied could be heard from above, as
the rock face they were stood on shook, and began to rise.
"Smeg." was the unified response of the Dwarfers. Rosette readied her
flan, hoping to be able to catch at least one off guard. The slightly
jagged spoon still stuck in the side of it, which she hoped would
pierce skin, and maybe even kill one of them.
Of course, this plan was quickly knocked down, as she saw how many of
them there were...
<end snip>
Who: The away team
Where: The Halkon Power Station
When: After meeting the real Halkon soldiers
In a very short space of time, things had got confusing. The Away-team
already consisted of `Dwarfers, some attractive female Ffionians, the
occasional Ffionian dressed as Batman and now some renegade Halkons.
Or at least that was what they claimed they were.
Chris Harris was suspicious. He was leading this away mission and was
uncomfortable with everyone putting so much trust in these newcomers
claiming to be friendly. They spoke like cavemen and probably had the
brain processing power as a Liverpudlian chav.
The Halkon guards blocked their entrance through the doorway. They
looked the same species as the grammatically-challenged ones that had
just helped them. They had seven arms, were relatively pear shaped,
and were coated mostly in thick bushy hair. The main weird thing was
that they had no head. Their large mouth and in-set eyes were on their
fat bodies. Making them look like a walking mouldy potato.
The renegade Halkons rushed forward, either shooting the guards or
doing a series of painful-looking wrestling moves. It was like
watching the Teletubbies have a scrap.
The Blue Dwarf crew and remaining Ffionians stayed behind, taking
potshots from covered positions. But with the amount of Halkon on
Halkon action, it was hard to tell who was friendly and who wasn't.
In a matter of mere moments, the entire area was thick with gunsmoke
and flying fur. When it cleared, only two Halkons remained.
Jay kept his pistol trained on the alien's midsection. It was
impossible to tell if they were guards or rebels.
"Put gun down. We friends." Said the first hairy spud.
"Prove it!" said Chrysler. "And keep those hands up. And that one! And
that one! And that one! And that one!"
Most of the `Dwarfers kept behind Jay. It was Fferna who stepped up.
"Go on. Shoot him. He's a no good Halkon!"
Chrysler adjusted his grip on the pistol. "How can I tell he's not
friendly?" he said, assuming Fferna knew something that he didn't.
After all, the Ffionians were at war with this species. They must have
some kind of military intelligence surely? Although the reason for the
war had always been glossed over when the subject had been brought up.
Whilst Jay and Fferna kept the aliens at gunpoint, Barf and Rika were
arguing over some readings on their scanners. Finally they approached
Chris Harris.
"Mr Harris, sir." Rika started. "Barf here has found evidence that a
volcano is about to erupt." She showed her readings to him.
"This could be good news" Said Chris. "If it will destroy this power
station it could save us the trouble of doing it ourselves!"
Barf shook his head. "No, it won't be that powerful."
"Oh, so what's the problem?" asked the Security Chief.
"Problem is, you parked your shuttles in the way of the lava flow! We
only have a few hours before they're melted! And have you ever tried
to fly a melted starbug?"
"Only once… it didn't' go to well." Admitted Chris. "But we can just
radio Jay's or Keto's Ffionian ship in orbit to come pick us up can't we?"
"No, the volcano has already started spitting out toxic smoke that is
interfering with the radios."
Chris rolled his eyes. But he thought he better try it for himself, he
got out his walkie-talkie and tried to contact either Ffionian ship in
orbit. "Harris to the ship of sad Ffionian Batman fans come in…. come
in… over."
All he got was static.
Meanwhile Jay was still arguing with Fferna.
"They are scum, they're all scum!" She said with hatred in her eyes.
"Just look at his stupid number of arms. Seven! Seven doesn't even
make sense! It's not symmetrical!"
"Leave your personal hatred out of this Fferna!" Jay said. "I just
need to know if we can trust these people to help us with blowing up
the reactor."
"You can't trust ANY Halkons! They'll betray you!" Fferna said.
Efof looked between Jay and his new girlfriend. He trusted and
respected Jay, and felt that Jay would always do the right thing. But
he wanted to have sex with Fferna.
Efof cleared his throat. "Um… Jay maybe you should listen to Fferna."
"Stay out of this Efof!" Jay snapped at him, and was sickened to see
Fferna stroke Efof's head as if he'd done a good thing. Efof cooed
obediently and kissed Fferna on the cheek.
Jay sighed and holstered his gun. He looked at the Halkon. "Okay you
can take us to the reactor right?"
"Yes" Said the Halkon simply. "Follow me."
"Jay!" Efof shouted. "I thought…"
Jay turned around and glared at Efof. "What?" he snapped. "What am I
supposed to do? Shoot him in cold blood like your girlfriend wants?
What would that achieve? Think about it you penis-headed tit!"
Efof was shocked. His bottom lip quivered a few times and he went back
to Fferna who hugged him and gave Jay a filthy look.
"Everyone follow us!" Said Jay, talking to the whole away-party.
As the away-party followed the hairy Halkons, Seymour walked up
alongside Jay Chrysler.
"Jolly good job Mr Chrysler, put the lower ranks in their place!
Especially the Aliens, let them know we're in charge what what?"
Jay stopped walking. "No that's not it at all! Didn't you hear what
she wanted me to do? She wanted me to kill this guy for no reason when
he can help us!"
"Surely she just didn't want to take any chances?" said Seymour.
"I think there's more to it. I think the Ffionians are a bit racist,
did you see the hatred in her eyes?" said Jay.
"They have been at war for some time, there is bound to be some tensions."
"Yes, but… I don't know. I think we've only been given half of the
story. It doesn't make sense."
***Meanwhile, at the back of the group***
"It doesn't make sense!" Said Chris Harris to Barf and Rika.
"What?" Barf said, picking something out of his teeth with a rifle.
"Well we're in a Halkon power station right? To power the shield
around the Halkon solar system? Built by the Halkons right?
"Riiight…" said Rika.
"Well look at all these control panels we're passing… they have really
small buttons. But those Halkon guys over there have really big hairy
"Maybe they have a delicate touch!" Said Rika.
"Or maybe they poke the buttons with sticks!" said Barf. "Or other
Rika cringed. "Or maybe they employ children workers?"
"I don't know." Said Chris. "Something is odd, that's all I'm saying."
Barf, Rika and Chris Harris sneaked off away from the rest of the
group down some parallel corridor, to see if they could investigate
anything further.
***The rest of the away-team***
The hairy Halkons pointed to a closed door. "Go there." Said one.
Tentatively, the group went into the room. Jay was automatically
suspicious of the Halkons after Fferna had been so adamant not to
trust them, so he waited until they had both entered the room also.
They had actually entered a lift. The whole far side of the lift was
made of glass, allowing them to see the outwards.
The door slammed shut and suddenly the Halkons disappeared. They
reappeared again on the otherside of the door, only visible through
the small porthole.
"You should not trust a Halkon." The fat hairy thing said and pulled a
The lift started to fall very quickly and people screamed.
"Maybe you should have listened to the Ffionian woman." Seymour told
Jay. Jay was starting to have doubts about his own morality. He caught
Fferna's glare through the corner of his eye. She was almost grinning,
as if to say "I told you so."
Jay hated it, he hated the way she always wanted to control him. He
saw her hold Efof's hand. It looked like he had already fallen under
her control.
The lift plummeted. Out of the window it could be seen that they were
in a large cavern with the glowing power core hanging from the
ceiling. By the looks of it they were falling too far and too fast,
even if they managed to stop this lift they would have a long way to
come back up to reach the core.
The lift started to rattle and shake. Nobody knew how long it was
until they would hit something.
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