Some things are hard to get used to.

Who: Barf, Rika, and Chris Harris
Where: The Halkon Power Station
When: After seperating from the group.
As they were going to investigate further, Chris Harris turned to Barf with a confused look
and asked, "Who the hell are you?" Barf explained the random shapeshifter gene, so far
it's only changed small details, right now his skin was black. Chris just scratched his head
and said, "I hate away missions."
"You think that's bad," said Barf, "I'm on vacation."
"Fair enough," Chris said.
Just then, Barf's wrist comunicator beeped, it was Dent: "Hello Barf, how are things?"
"Who the hell is that?" asked Chris.
"Dent," Barf answered.
"Who the hell is he?"
Rika then answered for Barf, "The ship that blasted the shapeshifter of Barf in the first
"I have to say, that was very rude of you all," Dent said. "Usually, people listen to a
computer when he is giving a warning."
"Sorry about that," Barf began, "but somethings very funny about that volcano."
"You mean the fact that it is about to erupt?" Dent said with a tone.
"That's just it, it's been about to erupt ever since we landed," Barf answered.
"Oh," Dent said with a realization. "That explaines it . . . sometimes I'm slow."
"What?" Barf asked.
"That's a good damn question," Chris said.
"Well," Dent said, "I forgot to turn on the sensors that examine the volcano, plus I've been
"Where the hell did you get that computer," Chris asked.
"He came with the ship," Barf answered. "Good price."
"Interesting," Dent said. "It seems you three are heading straight for the volcano, which
seems to be a hiding area of sorts, but my sensors can't detect that far . . . Hmm."
"What is it?" the three of them said at once.
"It seems that whoever is inside that base can control the volcano and whether or not it
will erupt, so far they've been trying to give most ships the scare and interupting
communication," Dent explained.
"Dent," Barf started, "is there any way you could move the ships away from the volcano?"
"Yeah, about that," Dent said. "There's not just one volcano. In fact, no matter where a
ship is landed, it will be within range of a volcano. That one base, which you three are
going to, is controlling not just that volcano it is in."
"You're a glutton for good news," Barf said as he turned of communication and sighed the
longest sigh he had ever been able to pull off.

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