Feel like a spacewalk?

Who: Mk.10, Jay
Where: Promenade, Space (oh, shit, gave it away)
Jay darted across the promenade and clambered back into the battlesuit.
"GET OUT OF HERE, NOW!" he yelled back to his sister and girlfriend,
then turned to where Mk.10 had landed, as the cockpit glass lowered
and sealed itself around Jay. Mk.10 was emerging from a pile of pizza
boxes and drinks cartons.
"Remote link" Jay explained "Didn't think I'd really give you a weapon
capable of wiping out most of the people on the ship did you?"
Mk.10 stared back, his single red eye glowing evilly.
<end snip>
"Now now, Mk.10." said Jay "Don't just glare at me all day."
Mk.10 nervously glanced down at his railgun - it only had one round
left. In preparation, the gun's charging rotor started to spin up; If
he could only fire one round, it was gonna be the most powerful shot
possible. And indeed, Mk.10 had worked out how to use it.
He magnetically holstered the gun to his side, and sprinted down the
corridors with Jay in hot pursuit.
The Gamma peewee team stepped into the computer control room, and made
for the walls when they saw the movement of shadows in the distance.
Grabbing a large piece of netting off of some cargo containers, they
made their way towards where the shadowy figure had disappeared to.
Encircling a small group of lockers, they glanced at each other and
the one closest hesitantly moved towards one of them. It flung back
the door revealing CK curled up tightly.
One of the peewees gestured towards Holly's CPU.
"Ok, ok, I'll re-wire it, ya sods.
He crawled out of the locker and dejectedly made his way over to the
large bank of wires and chips, and, picking up a nearby soldering
iron, went about hooking Holly back up to the rest of the ship.
He didn't like it, but it was better than being killed.
And now, cutting back to the main plot
Mk.10 pinged the system; still nothing.
"Damnit, what's taking them so long?"
He peered up and saw stars out of the window; it was almost time. But
without Holly, it would all be for naught.
Jay was thoroughly confused as to what the malfunctioning droid was up
to, but if he lost him now, who knows how many more lives would be lost.
He tried to lunge for Mk.10's railgun, but only succeeded in falling
flat on the ground.
Mk.10 was glad to see he had regained a little bit of space between
himself and his pursuer, and another quick ping of the system revealed
that Holly was back online.
"At last!"
Mk.10 stopped dead in his tracks, and turned to face Jay.
Blast doors sealed on opposite ends of the corridor, closing the pair
off to the rest of the ship, and the clanging of holding clamps
disengaging rang out.
"What in the hell are yo-" was all Jay was able to say, before the
entire space-side wall swung open, jettisoning both himself and Mk.10
into space.
Both of them engaged their respective magnetic systems to come to
stand on the exterior of the massive ship.
Mk.10 knew that with his remaining round, all he had to do was clip
the EVE to totally depressurise it. Of course, Jay had now realised
this too, and tackled Mk.10 to the hull.
"Not today meladdo."
<tag. Not as long as I would have liked, but that's life.>
OOC: Ok, so two things. One, did anyone notice the Alien reference?
Second, and this is the important one, my laptop is in the process of
being repaired.

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