Alone (well nearly) and Lost

Who: Dante and Charlie, then later NSD
Where: Somewhere on board
When: Late
The dark dusty corridors of the unused areas of BD where some what
familiar to Dante. Thats because for the last 6 hours since Dante had
left the armoury he had walked up and down the same section 11 times.
The dust was that thick that when Dante's huge feet disturbed it, it
exploded in to the air and settled on his head. The fully auto-matic
plasma rifle that was his personel weapon of choice, looked as if it
was floating in his hands. Dante had been born to fight, he thought
of himself as a expert in war. He held the high score for Time Crisis
60 with least lifes lost. In the last 36mnths Dante had not held a
weapon other than a personal protection pistol. But this felt good.
The carnage that Dante no expected to see when he finally meet up
with the remainder of the crew was extreme.
Dante was a bit shocked when he had walked into security and expected
to see Phil's name on the Security Cheifs desk, maybe Seymour if it
had all gone tit's up. But apparently Phil had been promoted and
there was this a new guy Chris Harris. Ermmmm
The spot light from the torch on Dante's rifle swept over a cleaning
droid the swept bag.
"Another one to add to the collection hey Charlie?" The droid was
vapourised with one swift blast from the plasma weapon.
"Charlie?,.....Charlie?!" Dante's protection and best friend andriod
who had previously been unaffected by MK10's powers, had now
"Awww Carp!! Not what we need!.....NSD, NSD this is SP 3 over"
Dante's radio went silent while he waited for a reply.
"Go ahead Dante."
"NSD can you get a fix on Charlie's positon"
"Charlie Keto or your Charlie?" Came the Nameless Science Dude's
"Why would I want to get in touch with that old git?"
"Well your charlie is not responding to postional indicators and Keto
is right behind you!"
"Ahhh hello sir!"
<Tag> thought i would join the ging gang gooley

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