SWAT Team Medical,..... Plus one

Who: Dante, Keto, Tara, Wildflower, Nigma
Where: En route to and in the Drive Room
When: When all Hell Breaks Loose.
There was a second of silence, broken instantly by Dante running past
the four of them, still firing shots.
"RUN, you fools!" he yelled, snapping them back to life and back to
"Great," growled Keto, as Tara activated her radio again.
"This is Tara to any pilots," she said, "We're going to need a pilot
in the drive room."
A shot whizzed past her ear.
"Really, really quickly," she added.
<end Clip>
"Magazine!!!" Dante's voice bellowed down the thin corridor as he
changed the Power Clip on his Plasma Rifle MK2. Keto, Wildflower,
Tara and Nigma dived for cover in any door way or crevise for cover
from the in coming fire.
"Move!!" Screamed Dante as he aimed his weapon at the nearest scutter
and blasted it to smitherens.
"35" Charlie chipped in with the running total just as Keto ran past
the 7ft tower of Dante. "You haven't got enough time to come up with
a suitable plan but you can keep count, what are you a talking
"If you don't mind Sir but, hang about where the Hecky Peck have you
"Busy uploading downloading left loading you name it, I have been
complining a battle field plan. 36, 37"
"What are you doing. Stop counting"
"He is doing a very important job."
"What linking with Holly to find out how many Scutters we have
onboard, cross referencing that with how many have already been
destroied, and subtracting the ones you are taking out as we speak?"
Keto gave Dante and Charlie a very saracstic look. Dante stared
straight back at the CMO and fired two rounds "38, 39, 40."
"40? Charlie you sure?"
"Yea 39 exploded and caused major damage to 40 so it went bang."
"So why are you counting the again? Please don't tell me your having
a competition with someone?" Keto was now curled up behind a metal
crate. BANG!! A scutter had hit the crate with an awesome shot. It
moved several inches forcing Keto to relocate to the next crate.
"50, 51 Ow nice shot 53"
"Miss... Sorry Mrs FeBurggure have you got your needle and thread
with you?"
"Why? Do you have a wound that needs dressing?"
"Yes a big gapping one!"
"Where let me have look." Tara pulled out a large looking needle and
some thick thread.
"Mrs FeBurggure I am the senior Medical Officer here. I'll take care
of it thank you. One of these ointments should do the trick, Ahhh
this one!"
"Cheers." Dante took the ointment and shoved it in Keto's
mouth. "There feeling better already, that stuff really works." Tara,
Nigma and Wildflower all stiffled a laugh.
"Everyone move!"
The mismatched "SWAT" team arrived at the door to the drive room.
BANG! Nigma landed with a smack on the floor in front of the door. "I
guess that's locked then!"
"Miss Wildflower if you would be so kind as to help him up. And
someone get in there please."
"I don't have Key"
"Well neither does he Charles!" Tara pointed out.
"Can't you just blast through the door with that gun of yours you
seem to be doing enough of that just now!"
"Will someone get me more ointment. Right well for 1, if i do that
then while I am blasting a big enough hole the scutters are gonna
shoot you in the back, 2 you will have to fend the off me to give me
enough time to blast through the 20 Inch thick door, 3 If i do that
then once we are in the scutters will follow us in before we are
ready. And 4 I'm busy." ZAP ZAP ZAP
"ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY!!! And still coming. Hang about that's not
right there are only 300 on board and if we've done 180 and everyone
else as done at leat that then they have either called for
reinforcements or worse."
"Reinforcements, What, From where, What do you think that there are
just ships of scutters floating about in space on call 24/7. Stupid
"Shut it you!"

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