Operation:- spanner in the works.

Faster than the bullet leaving the gun, Dante was next to
the cat and had snapped his neck as the cats second round bounced
harmlessly off the wall next to Jay and Jayne.
"Right Jay," Dante walked calm back towards his van, dusting off his
hands and picking up the pistol. He looked at Jayne; she noticed his
eyes change back to the strange silver. "What's the plan boss?" Dante
held the gaze of Jayne but addressed his superior Jay.
<end snip>
"Damage Limitation" Jay said simply.
"What do you mean?" asked Jayne.
"I mean" Jay replied "The crew will have to look after themselves, the
priority is to stop them from getting to earth"
"You mean leave the crew to die?" Jayne spluttered, astonished by Jay's
"Listen, Phil and Jed are both off the ship, that means I'm in command of
the 'Dwarf. In short, that means whatever happens to the ship now is my
responsibility, and I'm sure as hell not gonna be responsible for the
Mollopods eating the entire human race!"
"How can you be so Blase'?" Jayne shrieked "You have to help the crew too!"
snapped "Besides, there are always risks in this line of work, the crew knew
that when they signed up. Besides, once we've prevented them from getting to
earth, we'll have bought ourselves some time to come up with a way of saving
the crew."
Jayne nodded her understanding.
"ATTENTION" came Holly's voice over the ship's tannoy "ALL PILOTS SCRAMBLE,
"Holly!" Jay demanded, a smile appearing across his face "Who gave that
order? I thought the ship was deserted?"
"Nearly" replied Holly, "A handful got away and Seymour, Rosette, Mk.10,
Roos and Rufus have managed to return to the ship. Lt. Keats just gave the
order, though there are only 4 other pilots still aboard, including
"I think we've just been given our opportunity people.." Jay said, trailing
off and running over to the wall's comm panel.
"Amber, what's going on?" he asked.
"I'm going to kill some slugs, boss" she replied, Jay could tell from her
voice she was pissed
"Good." Jay replied "I need to deal with something aboard ship, you've got 3
guys coming out to help, can you handle this one without me?"
"You're damn right I can."
"Good, oh and Amber, do whatever you need to to bring the crew back alive."
"Don't worry, there won't be anything left of the slimebags to threaten
anyone after I'm done with 'em....."
"Holly" Jay asked again "Do the Mollopods on board know about Seymour, Rufus
and co?"
"Pretty much? Why?"
"Because hopefully they'll be too distracted by them to notice us doing what
we gotta..." he dashed across the room as he said this part and removed a
ventilation panel.
"Which is what exactly?" Dante asked.
"The three of us" Jay said "Are going to split up and sabotage the ship.
Leave as little of it working as you can, ESPECIALLY the wormhole drive...."
"with respect sir" Dante said "I don't think SHE should be left alone" he
nodded toward Jayne as he said this.
"Agreed, take her with you, but, give her a weapon and let her help. Keep
yourselves on an open, encrypted comm channel with me" his gaze switched to
Jayne "This is your chance to prove yourself, don't let me down."
Jayne nodded her acknowledgment.
"Come on" Dante said to her as he led her to a vent in the opposite
direction to the one Jay chose, just as Jay ducked his head in and
dissappeared into the blackness of the ducts.
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