low gravity hijinks

Who: Mk.10, Seymour & Rosette
Where: Cargo deck
When: before and after the gravity-turn-off
"So this is it?" Rosette asked, opening the door to the cargo bay
where Seymours salt supply was stashed.
The door opened slowly, and the lights flickered a few times before
illuminating the entire room in a solid, white light.
"Oww." said two of the three, Mk.10's single red light dimmed
instantly, taking in less light. "hah, sucks to be human." he
laughed, walking into the room as the other two waited for their eyes
to adjust to the new light. Rosette stepped into the room first, her
eyes either adjusting faster, or her having a higher pain threshold
(more likely) than seymour.
"Leave my salt alone you two" seymour screamed from the door, not
wanting too much bright light damaging his eyes. Mk.10 had already
found the controls for the lifters, and had moved over to them,
Rosette followed slowly, opening her eyes more and more as they moved.
"Didn't you hear me!" seymour yelled again, "i said leave my salt
"So, ten..." Rosette said, shortening Mk.10's name, Mk.10 turned and
shot as best a glare as a single pulsing red eye could. Rosette
stood sheepishly for a second, "what, i'm lazy!" she admitted.
Just as they got to the metal stairs, a loud clunk reverberated
around the room, and the trio all began to lift from the floor.
Mk.10's magnetic feet instantly activated, and kept him stuck to the
floor, while the other two started flying off into the air.
Rosette didn't mind so much about the lack of gtravity, she did
praise every deity she could think of that she decided not to wear a
skirt today though. She spun herself round in the air, and managed
to push herself back towards the floor, grabbing onto the railings of
the stairs.
Seymour on the other hand, didn't seem to fare too well in the zero-G
environment, and continued to fly to the air.
"Help!" he yelled, swinging his arms around in front of him, trying
to move down, unfortunately flailing his arms in the direction of the
floor only made things worse for himself.
"hey, at least this means we won't have trouble moving these
crates..." Rosette said, pushing off from the stairs, towards one of
the crates. She hit it with her feet, and stopped in her tracks, the
crate taking up the momentum she had, sending it skidding across the
floor, it smashed into the far wall, between two large pillars that
held the roof up.
"WHAT A GOAL!" she yelled, doing a backflip in the air like so many
footballers before.
"So... how do we get these onto the planet?" Rosette asked, not
really sure of the mechanics of this.
Seymour called down from his perch on the ceiling "YOU DON'T!"
Rosette seemed to ignore him, and moved back towards Mk.10. "Any
ideas?" she asked, the small Robots CPU's buzzed a little, and came
up with a few simple ideas.
"Well... we could just open the doors and throw them into the
atmosphere... It might burn up on entry though, what we really need
is a pilot to get the 'Dwarf into the atmosphere, so we can just
empty them..." he said, feining humanity by putting a hand where his
chin would be.
"So all we need is someone that knoes how to fly the ship?"...

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