"STOKEing the fire in my heart" part 4

Who, Where, When: You know the drill by now.
The rain was falling gently now, slowly soaking the suit Jed was
wearing, and drenching the hem of Rosettes dress in mud. In front of
them was something else she didn't like... Genetically engineered Dogs
with lasers attached to their heads.
"Smeg" She said plainly, holding her hand out towards Jed. "My knives
please." she demanded politely. Jed knew that she was probably able
to out-move these dogs if it were on her terms... Begrudgingly (he
really liked them) he handed the knives over. Following a smile from
Rosette, the lower section of Rosettes dress had been cut off, leaving
it with a skirt that reached only to her knees, rather than to the
floor. She stepped over the muddy and sodden piece of material,
holding her knives down by her side, both facing down.
"Good luck lass" Jed said, breaking the silence, and moving slowly
towards the fence. He wanted to use the remote control, but something
in him told him not to. He didn't recognise this voice, nor did he
want to obey it, but something else told him that if he pushed it, she
could die.
People inside the house looked out of the window in horror, a bolt of
lightning lit up the entire garden, All they saw was a girl in a
soaking wet dress leap towards three oversized and armed dogs. The
next flash of lightning illuminated two dogs bearing down on her, now
wearing a bit of a red dress.
No one expected what happened next, as a rather large red ball of fire
began to fall from the sky, landind what looked to be a few miles away
from the house. Debris and dust flooded through the area, followed by
flaming chunks of metal. Naturally, Rosette took this as a fine
opportunity to run, yelling the classic phrase "CHEESE IT!" as she
passed Jed. Being only instinctual, the dogs scarpered, running
anywhere they could to get away from the raining carnage. Jed hung
behind and watched her run, his hand fell to his pocket, and reached
in, turning the remote over and over as he ran.
"Should I?" he asked himself, as the Starbug came into view. "Yes."
was the answer he got from all parts of his subconcious, which was
easily enough to persuade him to do it. Which he did.
A blinking LED lit up on the control, and as part of a small circuit
in the back of the dress, causing it to unzip rather quickly, sliding
down her, forcing her to stop as it fell to the ground. The view Jed
got was exactly as he had imagined it, but it only lasted fleeting
seconds as she reached down to grab it and hold it in place enough to
make it back to the 'Bug. He'd got away with it, got a view that
would hang in his memories for months to come, and Rosette was none
the wiser.
The door to the Starbug opened, and let them in, both of them
collapsed in chairs from exhaustion at what had just happened.
Rosette didn't want to show it, but she had enjoyed almost every
moment of it, up to the point where her dress had mysteriously come
Jed sat opposite her, his hand still turning the remote over, until he
pushed it again, causing another smaller, hidden zip in the front of
the dress to come undone with great speed, giving him an even better
image. This unfortunately earned him a slap as Rosette spied his
grin. She ran quickly into the back room for another shower, and to
get dressed in proper clothes.
"I may not have any money, but that was worth it." Jed said to
himself, almost out loud as he too moved himself to one of the other
rooms to get out of the clothes that he was definitely not used to.
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