Gordons Alive!!!

"Evenin' ladies and gents, this is ya Cap'n speaking. We've spotted a
lone cargo ship slipping it's lead about 2 lightyears from here.
Anyone who wants to earn a bonus on top of thar wage come meet me in
Flight Deck 1 for a salvage mission."
Jed got a tap on his head.
"Who the bloody hell are you?" he asked to a rather hirsuite man
standing behind him who smelt like he'dnot washed in months and still
had a bit of kebab in his beard.
"Who do you *hic* think it is?"
"No you muppet it's me Phil...."
"Ah yes that would explain the small monkey thats been running around
the womens chaning room...that would be....Him i suppose?"
"The him being MP yes...look..i wann go along on this mission.."
"Well...if you dont let me go...i..i'll...."
Phils brain , having been pickeled in Keto's finest medical rubbing
achahol for the last few weeks struggled for an asnwer
"I'll stand around here and breath over you.."
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