Mk.10's eye slowly flickered back to life, his recharge cycle being
completed. He had magnetically attached himself to the hull of a
Starbug and now awoke to find he was now in a large cargo bay, looking
down on a small group of space-suited crew members.
"Guys! What's going on?"
No response.
"...Oh, right. Vacuum." he muttered, before opening a comms channel.
"Guys. Where are we?"
The entire group started looking around at each other startled, before
spotting Mk.10 perched up on the Starbug.
"This hyar is a salvage mission." said Jed
"Oh yeah? What about those blokes?" Mk.10 said, pointing at the newly
arrived vessel, visible through the gaping hole in the side of the ship.
That tore it for Jed.
"Orrite, everyone, git yer guns!"
Mk.10 warmed up his railgun, ready to provide covering fire for the
rest of the team, who were running for the Starbug.
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