Away team - On the Centurian ship

Who: Efof, Rosette, Mk10 and Phil
Where: The Centaur ship
When: Just after they beamed aboard in cargo containers
"We need to find a way to get around the ship without being seen...
Air-vents, water ducts... that kind of thing." Rosette said, her
experience of stowing away on the Blue Dwarf jumped to the front of
her mind. "Everyone fan out, and search the room for vents!" she
said, zooming off to the edges of the room.
<end snip>
Phil was the one who found the vent first, he moved a pastel painted
canvas and there was a metal grid behind. In fact, there were a lot of
pastel coloured paintings around the room, enforcing what Efof had
said about the Centurians being a weak and passive race of people. Now
it seemed absurd that they had even tried to attack them at all.
"In here." Phil ordered, being the highest ranking member of the team.
When everyone had clambered in, he radioed the Captain.
"Captain Jed, sir?"
Jed could be heard grunting through the radio. "Whatissit son? We;re
having a problem with about a million skutters hyar."
"We're in position onboard the alien ship sir. What is it you want us
to investigate?"
There was a pause and Jed's crackled voice came through the radio. "Ah
want yer to find out if those varmits know anything about who attacked
this transport ship. Maybe they had some enemies, so might have an
idea who'd do it?"
Phil agreed and ended the conversation. He then turned to the rest of
the team who were sat squashed up in the claustrophobic vents. Only
the short robotic mk10 could stand upright in them.
"Lets see if we can find a computer to access their logs, or
communications or something." he said. And the team moved forward
through the vents. Efof started to lead, until he took them down a
left turn, then a right turn, then left again, and almost into a large
spinning circular fan. So Phil took over and lead them to a room that
looked more like a science laboratory.
The room was luckily empty, so They dropped from the vent in the
ceiling, Phil and Mk10 positioning themselves near the door to watch
for people entering the room, whilst Rosette and Efof approached the
Rosette rubbed her chin thoughtfully. "I don't suppose you know much
about alien computers do you?" she said, looking at the bizarre
language, and alien interface.
"I have a clait level 1." Efof said proudly, referring to a evening
computer class he did a month ago.
"Wow really? You must be so qualified." Rosette said, her voice thick
with sarcasm. "So what did you learn?"
"Erm... how to open up a document... and save it again." he said.
Rosette sighed.
Between them they tried to decipher the computer. Luckily they could
access the galactic interweb and use google to translate the weird
alien language.
Efof radioed Captain Calvert, as Rosette still hadn't forgiven him for
perving over her on their last mission together.
"It looks like they were telling the truth about the transport ship
carrying something called the "nano-master" to their planet, which
they'd been waiting 20 years for. But they don't know anything about
who attacked it. They're a peaceful race with no enemies."
Jed grunted over the radio. "Alright, get back to the Starbug so we
can go home."
As soon as Efof turned the walkie-talkie off, he heard a shout from Phil.
The door into the room had opened, and one of the tall, silver-skinned
aliens that had called themselves the 'Centurians' was stood there. He
wore a scientist's lab coat and held a clipboard, which clattered to
the ground when Mk10 told him to put his hands up.
"Hey, why are you guys in my lab?"
Mk10 looked at Phil. "We're investigating."
"Investigating what?"
"The transport ship that was attacked. We wanted to know how much you
knew about why it was attacked."
"Couldn't you just ask?" the alien said.
Phil looked around the room. "We... didn't think of that." he said.
The alien looked over at Efof, and noticed his four arms and the small
locks of pubic hair poking out from underneath his beanie hat. "Oh my
god, you're a Ffionian!" he panicked.
Efof put his palms out in front of him. "No... well... yes... but
don't worry. I'm about 600 years removed from the ones that go around
killing people."
"Phew." Said the alien. "I'm glad. Cos those guys are right pains in
the neck."
"Could it be the Ffionians that attacked the transport ship?" Phil
asked, still holding the alien at gunpoint.
"Yes maybe. They do seem to think it's funny to attack ships for no
reason. They're absolute cocks. No offence."
"None taken." said Efof. And gestured to Phil and Mk10 to lower their
weapons. "What's your name anyway?"
"Ahsisfseiosduid'sdssd Maysjdsdsd." said the alien. Then looked around
at the glazed looks he was getting around the room. His body sagged.
"But you can call me 'Frank'."
Frank seemed to genuinely want to help them to find out more
information about he attackers. "We've had a few other ships destroyed
by something or someone unknown too. At first we thought it was the
bloody Ffionians.... no offence..."
"None taken."
"...But when the Ffionians attack, they normally like to brag about
it. Take souvenirs, or leave little symbols of their handiwork carved
into the hull."
"Like Zorro?" Efof said with a grin.
"Not seen it." said Frank.
"Lucky you." Said Rosette.
"...But these attacks have just been random. They seem to appear out
of nowhere, bash some of our ships up. Then bugger off again. It's a
pain in the neck."
Everyone nodded. Then the away team agreed it was time to leave. Efof
took down Frank's real name and promised to add him to Facebook when
he got home.
The Centurians apologised for attacking them earlier, but did give
them a polite warning to not try stealing any of their stuff again.
Then beamed the team directly into their Starbug.
Captain Jed and Andy the cleaner greeted them readily. "Ready to go?"
Jed asked.
"Yes, but how did you get the Starbug freed up so fast?" Phil asked.
Jed pointed out of the window, where a hundred skutters were working
busily on fixing the Starbug and even giving it a polish.
Efof sat at the pilot's seat and started the Starbug's engines. "Fly
us home." Ordered Jed.

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