Jed Calvert - "Waking up"

<recap from a while ago>
Who: Jed Calvert, Rosette and Al Moneymiser
Where: New Stoke
When: 2 months ago
"Everything alright in here?" Asked Rosette, peering around the door.
Jed paused what he was doing and Al sobbed into the carpet. Rosette
realised what was going on.
"Don't you get blood on that knife without asking me first."
Jed scowled at her, then looked down at Al's foot. He pressed the
knife against his skin.
"Wait, wait!" Al wailed. "Don't you remember Jed. Remember when we
first met. I saved you, thought you were... well... you were... until
I... "
Jed halted, the disturbing images from his past haunting him in a
series of monstrous flashes. A crash site, bodies everywhere. The
stench of death. His own face covered with their blood. He could taste
it in his mouth.
Jed chopped off his toe and the man screamed.
<end recap>
Who: Jed Calvert
Where: Captain's quarters
When: Middle of the night
Jed woke up with a start. The sickening images of bodies strung around
a crashsite still fresh in his mind from the nightmare he just had. He
looked at his hands and in the darkness of his room and mistakenly
thought they were covered in blood. He scrabbled to wipe them on his
ragged bedsheets until he realised his hands were just generally
filthy, but not with blood. There was a metalic taste in his mouth and
he reached for a bottle of whiskey that sat aside his bed. He poured
it into his mouth and leaned back in his temporary camp bed.
Jed didn't like home comforts, so he slept on the floor covered in a
tatty rag, and the skin of some alien animal he once killed. He slept
soundly for a couple more hours until his personal intercom beeped
twice before coming into life. The overly loud and panicked voice of
Phil Febuggure seared it's way through Jed's eardrums, with a
background noise of a few hundred more people.
"Captain. Captain! We have a situation!"
Jed shot up out of bed and took an early morning swig from the whiskey
bottle. "Whassup Lieutenant?"
"There's a fire in cargo bay 8. It's where all the surplus alcohol is
stored, and well... people are going crazy." Phil's voice was cut off
for a few seconds as it sounded like he stood up to a crowd of 100
people and lost, being squished against a wall. There was the sound of
a smashing bottle and some angry shouting.
Jed looked around for a clock. "What's the gorram time? Did I
oversleep til Saturday night, it sounds like closing time in Parrotts."
"No Captain, it's a full-blown riot. People are trying to save as much
beer as they can, so are fighting each other to get to it-" The
communication was cut off just as Jed heard gunshots.
"Geezus!" The Captain said. He poured a bottle of tonic water over his
face and rubbed it around. Jed hated showers, so this was his
alternative. He picked up his gun-belt and headed to the cargo bay.
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