'300 Janitors'

Who: Andy, Mk 10, Nano-Skutters, Dante, Chris
Where: Cargo Bay 8, just outside the riots
When: 1 minute after previous post
"This is it?!" Andy's eyebrow crocked at the thin line of security.
"I told you I would need your help." Mk 10 shrugged.
Of the two security guards, decked out in a mixture of pyjamas and
Riot gear, the largest spoke first.
And crikey, was he large.
Ranging around at over seven and a half feet tall, Andy suspected that
it wasn't just genetic difference that allowed him to tower over them
but the mere sight of his blazing red eyes that made the Janitor feel
like a speck on the ground. It was obvious that this giant wasn't
human. Oddly enough, it was the shortly trimmed goatee that Andy found
to be someone… ironic on such a powerful thing's face.
"This isn't your concern Mk 10." The Alien's mouth moved like as
though he was dispensing thunder with each breath. With the way Andy
was cowering though, it made the thought seem plausible. "Your job is
regulated to ship defence, not inner security, so kindly take your
toilet cleaning friend and-."
"Oh please." The blue mech fought back informally. "You think that
three security guards will stop a beer-rushing crew? Besides, I bought
along the Civvie because of the skutters he's bringing with him." Andy
gave the mech an out-raged glare. "Oh come on, you have no experience
in crowd control whatsoever."
"I-…I might have." The Australian pouted dejectedly.
Beside the large alien was an equally solum but mercifully shorter (by
comparison) human. Clipped on the right chest of his bullet-proof vest
was the name tag 'Chris Harris'. Actually he was almost fully dressed
in Riot gear. However the effect was lost as he still wore his blue
doggie slippers.
"Leave him be Dante. Just by wearing that suit proves he more prepared
than the rest of us. Besides, if he's not really that good at least we
can use him to soak up a few blows."
"Enough talk, Chris, give the damn robots as many riot shields as you
can." Dante growled. A crunching noise reverberated from his plastic
shield grip. "We've got a party to break up."
After roughly ten minutes of speedy arming (mostly due to
nano-reconstruction) Andy stole a look back at the lines upon lines of
Roughly a hundred of them awkwardly, but firmly, holding a riot shield
that were over three times their size. Then the other two hundred
where armed with stun-baton. At that height the cleaner was somewhat
worried about exactly where they where going to stick it…
"Alright, Mk 10, switch over to a concussion beam." 'Chris' began to
rattle out orders effortlessly. "Dante, try not to kill anyone." From
the way the Alien nodded it was obvious to Andy about who was really
in charge. "You boy, get the skutters to form a line of defence and
have the other ones poke in-between the sides of the shields. Don't
bother hitting anything, just stay out the fight."
Andy shrugged and turned to his 2 foot tall buddies. "You heard the
man, hoplite time." The Skutters screeched an affirmative as they
rolled forward and began to slowly form a solid wall of white plastic
that generally blocked out the scene. As the baton-wields rolled past
he rose a pert eyebrow and simply requested. "You lot… try not to go
for… well… you know."
"Alright… forward!" Chris commanded, which Andy soon echoed. A corner
later and the full scene of chaos were unveiled to their eyes.
People screaming and yelling, and biting and fighting and well… what
ever it is they do in a riot. It was happening right there and they
were about to go into the middle of it. Suddenly Andy didn't feel so
certain of this.
A crack of a metal grate and out came 099 with 001 in tow. Andy's mind
suddenly had an embarrassed brain wave that she was trying to tell him
about this. "Double-oh, ninety-nine… come to help." 001's jaws came up
and snapped out a Morse code reply. Typical, he came to crack heads.
She was just here to pick up the pieces.
"Well, whatever, grab a metal object and join the ranks." 001 rolled
off before spouting off once again in Morse code. 'Skutters, tonight
we dine in Parrott's!!'
A loud clicking noise came from Dante as the deceptively slow man
suddenly tore out, armed and then threw a succession of gas grenades
all in the span of six seconds. Moments later the crowd suddenly
noticed the line of ethereal barriers that descended upon them. A
moment later the gas grenades went off.
A moment after that, a stun baton was buried in their crotch.
Then all hell broke lose.
Equal parts people trying to escape and other attempting to attack the
improv riot-cops caused a mosh-pit of confusion. Anyone who fell down,
well, lets just say that their chances to survive this madness just
fell by half.
Andy eyes began to scan the innards of the cargo bay as they slowly
in. Up on a series of beams he caught sight of none other than the
Texas zombie himself. Captain Jed's arms where pert as the man did his
best to well… he wasn't too sure what he was doing.. "What the hell is
he doing?" The janitor muttered as he quickly gave a rioter who
managed to break the flank a swift uppercut with the plunger.
However this train of thought was quickly extinguished as a dropkicked
Skutter soared directly at his forehead.
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