Hail to the Cheif (Navigation Officer)

Who:- Jay Chrysler and Katrina Salter
Where:- Their quarters
When:- Christmas Day.
"God damn it, where is she?" Jay complained. Pacing around his
living room in front of the glittering Christmas tree.
"You know Vanessa" Katrina replied, "She's always late.."
"Not this late, Jayne's missing too...hrmph, we can't wait any
longer, lets just open our presents and have a drink."
Jay wasn't to know that his sister"s" were currently fleeing a
baying mob through the medical decks ventilation system, and to be
fair, he didn't much care. There was a present with a label
reading "To Jay, All my love, Katrina xx" who's shape indicated that
beneath it's colourful wrapping paper was a brand spanking new X-box
Infinity, and a smaller package that looked like it might contain at
least one game, which would hopefully be something like Gears of War
42, or Halo 117, his sister'"s" could be stuck on the wrong side of
an airlock for all he cared, he wanted that 'Box.
"Yeah, I guess you're right" Katrina conceded, "Pour me a drink and
we'll get cracking"
Jay nodded, a wide grin forming on his face, as Katrina headed for
the present pile and began to sort them into his, hers, Jaynes and
Vanessa's. Jay unscrewed the lid of his "quicky flask". It had been
a gift from Jack FeBuggure before he had died. Only three existed,
Jacks, which now belonged to Jay, John Keats owned one - wherever he
had gone, and Joseph Severn owned the third. It was a simple hip
flask, but due to sub-space technolgy, it was capable of holding a
bathtub's worth of alcohol.
Jay had had the foresight to fill it to the brim weeks ago, ready
for Christmas, when he was due to host a party for his family and
friends, knowing that this would be Phil's first christmas without
Tara, so Jay knew he'd be wanting to get wrecked...not that he
needed an excuse, and Jay had also managed to convince Severn to
tweak his flask to hold more alcohol, in fact, it was now completley
filled with the volume of an olympic swimming pool, and install
different compartments for different types of drink.
What this meant, is that Jay, despite being oblivious to the alcohol
crisis, was, unknowingly, the most powerful man aboard.
<Tag anyone! Will this information come to light?
Oh, I'm also sans t'internet's at home now, so have posted this
from work, can't do it too often so apologies if I don't post, feel
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