Christmas Time Mistletoe and Wine

OOC - This is a JP between myself (Rufus) and Andy (Rosette). When you think about it we really should be playing each others characters! Lol. Tagged after my last post and Andy's last post. Enjoy.--------------------------------Who: Rufus and RosetteWhere: Observation DeckWhen: Christmas Time~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~As Rosette sighed again, she suddenly sat up, hearing the distinctive crack of something hitting the floor. The Observation deck was always kept in darkness, to give a better view of the stars, so she had to strain her eyes to see who it was. Still in the dark as to the identity of this newcomer, she sat there and waited for him to walk into the starlight.
"Escaping the riots?" she asked, with a weak smile. Rufus stepped back a fraction, the cane tapping on the metal floor echoing around the dome."S... Something like that" He said, uneasy with the company. He avoided the gaze of the person in the room and looked out at the stars. Rosette saw him step back, as if he wanted to be completely alone.  She knew how it felt to be alone on a night like this.  She didn't want to go through it again.  She watched him for a second, before opening her mouth again.  The acoustics of the dome meant a whisper was almost audible at the other side of the large room.
"Don't feel you have to go because I'm here... To be honest, I could do with the company..." She admitted.  "It's nearly Christmas..." She added, stating the obvious.She lent back onto the table she was sat on, staring up at the sky above.  The stars slowly moved with the ship, like watching Clouds in the sky on Earth, the stars here seemed to make pictures of strange things, that would only appear to those who had an equally strange mind.  Rosette almost smiled as she saw a group of stars make an Angel. Rufus looked over the person in front of him. He was pretty sure he'd seen her down on the Mollopod planet. "You startled me that's all. It's always quiet up here. Amber goes down to hydroponics or the AI suites for quiet. But I like it up here. It's so serene." He tailed off, looking out over the constellations. He walked over to the table, the lopsided walk echoing softly as he did "Rosette isn't it?" He asked, remembering her name.
"Yeah, lazy ones call me Rose.  I don't mind either way, though..." She looked up at him as he got closer.  "Uhh...." She began, trying to remember his name. "Don't tell me.... tip of my tongue..." She continued, before pointing up at him, and speaking quite loudly "Rufus! that was it!" Before trailing off quite badly "Right?"
She let her head fall back onto the table, after successfully making herself feel and probably look like an ass. Rufus chuckled softly."Yeah, that's right." He sat down opposite her and leaned back in the soft chair, looking up at the sky. Without looking over he continued after a while. "Why you all alone up here anyway?" "It's how i always spend Christmas." She replied. "I haven't got anyone to spend it with..." She sighed again, turning her head to look towards him. She looked down at his cane, and at his white coat.  
"You a scientist?" she asked, noticing the strangely coloured stains over the lower parts of his coat.  It reminded her of all the lab coats at school.  "Yeah, something like that. If you are ever down near the science labs, look into lab 13. I'm always there. Someone has to keep the lab mice company right?" He gave a weak smile, thinking about how he had failed to bring his mother back.
"I'm sure the mice would keep each other company if you left for a bit." She said, sitting up.  "Working on anything big?" She asked, knowing nothing of his attempts to resurrect his mother.  She felt happier now that she had company for the minutes ticking towards the most commercialised day in existence.  Seeing his face properly for the first time of the night, she smiled a bit more.  He was cute, in a rough, rarely-washed kind of way.
"I was." He said, becoming distant for a moment and waiting for the grief to overwhelm him again. When it didn't, he carried on, "My mother you see. She... She died and I was trying to bring her back. But nothing worked. Even if Amber had been here there was nothing that could be done. It's... Impossible." He sighed. "I miss her." Rosette's smile vanished, as she looked down at the floor.  
"I know how it feels... I lost all my family..." She looked back up at him.  "That's when my Christmas' got lonely..." She continued, wanting to put an arm around him, but not knowing if it would be taken well from someone that she'd essentially only just met. "Amber's your...?" She asked, something in her mind hoped he'd say anything other than girlfriend."She's my sister. I'd go to 'Nessa's but I'd feel unwelcome. She's been avoiding me recently. Think she's going to dump me soon...." Rufus tailed off, rapidly thinking for another topic. He was beginning to fee uncomfortable.  
"You see that constellation of stars there?" He stood up and pointed "The one that looks like an angel? No matter where you are in the solar system it looks the same. The stars formed in a trinestial orbit and when the wing nebular formed in the middle..." He tailed off, before his science babble got away from him.
"I didn't understand a word of that, but I can see the Angel... It looks like it should be on top of a huge tree..." She fell for the change of subject easily, and carried on from there.  "Back on Earth, I used to lie on the grass at night, and see if i could see pictures in the stars... It was always more peaceful for me, than looking for Cloud-shapes..." She smiled, feeling like she was getting on well with him.  
"If there was a Piano here, I'd play something peaceful..." She added, looking around for one. "It's nice up here..." she added, quietly moving over to sit on the table next to his chair. Rufus shifted uncomfortably as she moved closer to him. "Hey, its cold up here. You wanna go to the promenade and get a coffee? I know this great little place... really quiet and...." Just as he'd started talking, Rosette began to lie back on the table, and felt a sharp spike in her back.  "oww" she interrupted, reaching behind her to get whatever it was.  She looked down at her hand, with a piece of mistletoe in it.  She smiled, and tapped Rufus on the shoulder with it.  "Look what I just found." she said, shifting over to reach over his head and hold it in front of his face, where he couldn't miss it.  She lent around him before he had a chance to do anything, and kissed him on the cheek.
"Coffee sounds good..." she said, quickly changing the subject back. Rufus blushed and stood up suddenly, knocking the chair over. "Smeg!" He said, picking it up again. He coughed awkwardly and gestured to the turbo-lift. "This way." He said quickly.
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