There's something... not in the air.. Part 2

"Attenshun folks, this is yer Captain speakin'. Now I know yer all
rightly pissed off about the lack of alcohol and the pubs being
closed, but if yer stop ya strike for one mere moment I'd like to tell
yer all about a mighty large problem we have onboard. The Engineers
told me about a problem with the air flow.
There's something wrong with the oxygen/nitrogen mix or some such – ah
don't understand the specifics, but I reckon it's mightily bad news if
we leave it untouched."
"Oh smeg." Rosette said, understanding only the part of it being 'bad
news'. Rufus was still on the floor as the lift opened on the science
level. Rosette picked him up, slung him over her shoulder and carried
him to his science lab.
The code lock bleeped as she tried a random code. She sat Rufus down
next to the door, and sat herself down next to him, holding him up
with her arm around him. "Come on, wake up... We need your sciencey
stuff!" she said to him, not sure if he'd wake up soon.
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After sitting there for a few minutes, Rosette sighed. She wanted to
go to the Promenade, and drink coffee with someone for once. She'd
never done that before, it had always been tea. Not that there's
anything wrong with tea of course.
Rufus shook his head as he woke up, he looked up at the sign on the
wall. "How did i get to the science deck?" he asked, having been
unconcious for the trip. Rosette cleared her throat, prompting him to
turn, and come face to face with her. She smiled.
"How long was i out?" he asked, blushing a bit.
"Not more than a few minutes." she replied, getting up and offering
him a hand. "I brought you here because i thought you'd be more
comfortable... But i don't know your passcode..." she said, feeling a
bit stupid. "Also, we need science stuff..." Rosette added,
explaining the Captains announcement while he was unconcious.
"Engineers can't fix it?" he chuckled. "The only way i could fix it
is if we go to engineering..." he added, punching in the code to his
lab. Rosette followed him in.
"Woooaahh" Rosette exclaimed in awe of all the fancy sciency looking
stuff around the place. It wasn't very tidy, but it was still
awe-inspiring to someone who has no idea what they're talking about.
"It's mostly junk.." Rufus said, as he picked up a small toolkit.
"Everything i could ever need is in here.." he said, walking back
towards the door. He was happy there was something to do.. Something
to take his mind off of his earlier failure...
They got to the Turbolift, and Rosette punched in the number for her
room. "I need to get something too.... Just in case..." she said, as
the doors opened. "I'll be back in a second!" she said as she ran off
around the corner. Sure enough, a couple of seconds later, she came
back with a belt with two quite large knives in it. Rufus stared at
them for a second.
"What? We don't know why there's a problem with the air... might be
someone trying to stop us." she said, but Rufus was concentrating on
how to fix the air.
The lift dinged as it opened on the egineering deck. No one was in
sight, but a large room high above was lit up like a new years party.
Two grease covered... people... stepped out from the shadows, with
lead pipes. "Engineering is on strike, no one's allowed in!" one of
them said, but Rosette just sighed and drew her knives.
"I'd like to go home, but I can't." she said, with a flare burning in
her eyes as she leapt towards the closest one and disarmed him. There
was blood on his hand, but he wasn't really hurt. She turned to the
other. "Care to let us in?" she asked again.
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