Happy New Year and some website info

Hello everyone - And Happy New Year!
I hope you all had a great Christmas time and celebrated the New Year
with style, (my house is still filthy from the party on New Years).
I just wanted to let you know that a new website is coming... (about
bloody time too, cos the old one has been static for yonks).
The crewroster will be slightly different, and there might be some
confusion or problems using the new system, so can I please ask that if
people want to make changes to their character biographies, that they
do it now please, and then if it does go tits up when the new site goes
live, my lameness as a web-technician won't be a problem.
Also, the new website will have a section for BD Times. This is a sort-
of section of articles written from the perspective of the BD universe.
If anyone would like to help with adding new stories or articles, maybe
a report on a silly thing your character has done, or a funny advert
perhaps - please send to me and I'll make sure I add it.
I'm ironing out some website details, and hopefully will have it live
in a few weeks.
David "Onion" Ball, GM and webmaster

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