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Longwoods 2007 - Nominations for best quote
Which of these quotes of 2007 do you think is the best?
Option 1-
"You're serious?" asked Rosette skeptically, "That's the problem?"
"One screw caused a ship-wide disaster?" blinked Wildflower.
"Technically, creature, one screw caused YOU. I count that as a ship-wide disaster," said Keto bluntly. Then he turned back to Rufus, holding out the screw.
Posted in a JP by Becca and Chris/Keto (read post:
Option 2 -
"Good Morning Sir" answered the toilet in a posh, cultured tone. Like many other people aboard the ship, he had changed the toilet's default voice from a gruff, guttural voice to one that was based on Seymour Niples, the ship's ambassador, restaurant owner and all around prat. Eddie grunted a reply and spent the next few minutes - metaphorically - taking a crap on Seymour.
Posted by Grant (read post -
Option 3 -
Seymour whined and almost cried. And when he managed to stand upright he realised he still had a soft zombie head attached to this hand, his thumb picking it up like a bowling ball.
Seymour took one look at it and vomited onto it. He shook the vomit soaked zombie head and it flung off, which Efof caught because he thought it was some kind of game.
Posted by Onion (Read post -
o Quote 1 - Becca/Chris
o Quote 2 - Grant
o Quote 3 - Onion
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