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Longwoods 2007.
What was your favorite plot of 2007? Choose from the options below
o "Ffionians vs Halkons" - The Blue Dwarf crew help the Ffionians to attack their enemy the Halkon, despite the Halkons being absolutely innocent
o "Mk10 vs the BD crew" - The little robot becomes hyper-angry and leads the skutters and all other robotic equipment in a war against the BD crew
o "Boozehounds" - A gang of wolf-like GELF take over shops on the BD's Promenade, and deliver the BD to the Mollopods
o "The Mollopods" - The fat Mollopods try to blend the entire BD crew so that they can pinch their ship to turn Earth into a 24 hr buffet
o "Salvage" - Jed leads a mission to salvage what they can from a damaged alien ship, but the owners come back and fight us for it
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