Charlie returns

"I think we can handle it." Shrugged Dante.
Dante and Chris walked off, and Jay turned to Mk10. "When you were
plugged in did you find how to pilot this thing?"
"We're in the wrong control room. It's the other end of the ship,
this is actually the back."
Jay scratched his head. "Great. Lead the way."
Mk10 reached for his gun and lead them down the corridor.
<End Clip>
Who: Maj Chris Harris, Lt Dante Wendigo and Charlie
Where: Shellite Ship
When: Just before tea.
Why: I don't know?!
How: Read the last post!?
Dante unclipped a torch attachment from his rifle and stowed it away
in his armour. He rummaged around in another pocket of his assault
vest and produced two silencers. The first he attached to his rifle
and the second to his thigh holstered pistol.
"Dante?" asked Chris, "Slap me if this a stupid question," Dante
raised his hand in his mind that was an offer he wouldn't get very
often. "But why the silencers? The amount of noise we made out there
would allow anyone within 300 miles to fill for an ASBO, why would we
possibly want to be quite now."
"Never hurts to be prepared Sir." Dante just caught sight of Chris'
injuries. "Here sir, allow me." Dante pulled a first aid kit out of
nowhere and began to put his boss back together. After about 45
stitches, and a strip of painkillers, (OOC-This storyline is turning
into Max Payne 3 with all these Painkillers), Chris had stopped
bleeding and was feeling slightly better. But his Farcry shirt had
seen better days. It was blood stained and sweat soaked.
"Right sir first things first, Charlie has finished his charge cycle
now and will be able to give us a ship over view. Hopefully" Dante
added the `hopefully' under his breath."Right Charlie time to shine."
Dante pulled his rifle sling to one side and exposed his chest
armour. Chris had never seen Charlie before and looked at Dante as if
he was mad. Why was he talking about someone else like they were just
gonna beam in with a security detail and help clear the ship. He
really was starting to rethink Dante's recent promotion, maybe it had
gone to the old man's head.
Dante's silver eyes smiled at Chris as if to say `I Know what you're
thinking but, you are wrong.' Chris pulled his gaze away from the
giant's piercing eyes and down to his exposed chest armour. The
armour began to vibrate and almost shake. Dante's shining rank emblem
was trying to escape from his chest. Then "POP". A small metal,
round headed android emerged, blinking in the bright light of the new
ship, his lenses having to adjust to his new surroundings.
"Hi Maj Harris." The android said loudly levelling out at Chris' face
level, hovering off the floor with his large, blinking white eyes
rather to close to Chris' face.
"Hi....." Chris offered in an almost confused way, accepting the
small metal claw like hand that had been offered to him by the small
Frisbee with legs... and arms... and a torso. Chris took a step make
and shook Charlie's hand.
"Charlie we can get bogged down with the welcomes later we need to
come up with a route to the security post and not get spotted on the
way." Ordered Dante.
"Okay boss. Well the shortest way just happens to be the easiest way
by the looks of the ships schematics," without having to jack into
the wall Charlie produced a 3D map of the deck that they were now
on. "Those three little yellow blips are us, and..." The map
scrolled the length of the ship, "that red blip is your objective
so..." The map zoomed out to show both the security post and the 3
Dwarfer's. "I suggest that we take this route room clearing as we go.
Bet MK can't do that hey." Charlie's little android face looked
rather smug. "Only one problem." He added "Due to these Shellite's
being cold blooded and all, I can't get a fix on them so won't know
exactly where they are."
"Right but you can track them yes." Probed Chris.
Charlie's little face lit up. "Nope not at all."
"Looks like we got some hunting to do!!" Said Dante cocking his rifle

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