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As he span away from the mining ship, he saw it inside a large wire
mesh tube and wondered what it was. He saw the ship ripple and disappear.
"Oh no it has blown up!" He exclaimed, then the spiralling got too
much of him. "Urgh... where is the bin!"
Thing is about computer systems, they are always crap. Hardware could
be manufactured to be the best thing in the two universes, but the
software was always written by monkeys. Especially software created
for the JMC. Oddly, the software in JMC Escape Pods was quite clever,
Justin's escape pod scanned the area for JMC or SpaceCorps ships, and
located one on a nearby planet.
He pressed his face against the window as the shuttle flew down
through the atmosphere. The friction of the atmosphere caused lights
and flames to shoot past the window, bathing Justin in a fantastic
light show. He closed his eyes and imagined he was in a rave.
Justin woke up with a banging headache. This was usual, but right now
he didn't have a hangover. That was unusual.
He seemed to have crashed into a base of some sorts. The computer in
his escape pod told him that SpaceCorps personnel were on the planet,
but quite far away from him. However, just before the computer died it
did tell him that a SpaceCorps registered Hologram was in his
immediate vicinity.
"Quick get up!" Said a voice Justin recognised.
"I surrender, I will give you all my secrets and implicate my
government." Said Justin. "Oh, hello Kara."
Kara stood a metre away from where the escape pod had landed, she
reached forward and helped him to his feet.
"So where are we?" He said, skipping over the uncanny coincidence that
he was now with the same woman he met millions of light years away
just last week.
"This is a Krylon base." said Kara. "We crashed on this planet
earlier, and they took me prisoner. I think they want to unlock the
secrets in my brain."
"Your brain? I thought the 'H' on your head meant you were a hologram?"
"My Holographic brain then!" Kara snapped.
"Oh okay. So did they?"
"Did they what?"
"Did they unlock the secrets in your brain?"
"No." Kara lied.
"Good, that's the spirit! Don't give the enemy anything!" Said Justin.
Kara grinned out of one side of her mouth. She was now a total Krylon
sympathiser, they werent' the enemy at all. They were her friends.
These "organics" would feel the wrath of the Krylons.
"So whats the plan?" Asked Justin.
"Yes. I assume you're in the middle of escaping. Otherwise you'd be in
handcuffs, or some sort of digital cell or something."
"Oh yes.... um... this way."
Kara lead the way. She now had the maps of the entire base downloaded
into her lightbee, so knew exactly where to go. She knew how best to
fake an escape without it looking too obvious that she was a Krylon.
Soon, they came upon a tick metal door. It was the door to a side exit
that was quite concealed.
"I think the controls are on the other side." Said Kara.
"How do you know that?"
"Um... because... they're not on this side."
"Ahh. Of course." said Justin.
Kara looked around. "There is no way to get to the other side to use
the controls without opening the door first!"
"So ... to open the door we have to .... open the door!" Said Justin.
"You're a hologram. Can't you just walk through?"
"I'm hard light. Plus, I have a light bee, so I can't actually walk
through anything – otherwise the bee would fall out of my body."
Justin looked down at the bottom of the door. A small hole lead
through to the other side. It was big enough for a cat, it was
possibly used for small service robots to go through.
"If only we were teenie tiny." He said.
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<acerimmer1986@...> wrote:
> Kara McGellen snapped awake again and found herself in a small
windowless cell. She got up off the cold ground and felt around for a
door. She found a handle and tried to open the door but it wouldn't
budge. What the hell was going on? Where was she? "Oi! Let me outta
here!" She shouted pounding on the door. Then out of nowhere there was
a loud crackling and she felt a surge of energy tear through her. She
fell to the floor and swallowed back the tears from how much pain she
was in. The door slowly creaked open and two large guards rushed in
and grabbed her. She tried to struggle but the pain kept surging
through her.
> She looked around as they took her through the corridors. The whole
place felt like it was some kind of living machine. Even the guards
seemed to be of the same make but she couldn't get a good look the
lighting was bad and the pain made it hard to concentrate. The guards
finally stopped and threw her into another dark room locking the door
behind her. Slowly the lights faded on making it easy for her eyes to
adjust. She saw three machine-like people standing in front of her.
Kara got back on her feet and took a deep breath. "I'd like to know
who is in charge here cause the help here is horrible." She said.
"Kara McGellen. Ex-Crew member of the JMC Blue Dwarf and SCV
Dauntless. Test subject for in grafting new Space Corp Navigation
technology files into holographic memory banks." One of them said in a
crackly voice. "Hey, whatever will up my pay." Kara said with a smile
trying to hide the fact that she was in pain.
> "It seems you are experiencing some discomfort." Another one of the
machines asked. Kara scoffed and shook her head trying to act of the
pain. Another surge rushed through her and she leaned back against the
wall. "I'm quite fine. Now where the smeg am I? Start answering
questions or I start poppin' heads." She said as she reached for her
blaster and felt quite silly when she realized it wasn't there. "Your
weapon has been removed for safety purposes. Now that pain your
feeling would be your memory banks rejecting the information. We can
help you with that." One of the machines said as they went over her
with a scanner. Kara pushed the scanner away from her and shook her
head. "Do I look like the kind of officer who would just go off and
take an offer from an enemy? Sorry boys but I'm not that thick." She
> "We need those files. You will give them to us by choice and we will
help you or we will take them by force and slowly delete from
existence and it won't be pleasant." The third machine said. "Easy way
or the hard way, eh? I am gonna have to say no cause I know you won't
kill me. Right before ya off me I know my mates are gonna crash your
little party so I'm not afraid of you." Kara said. She then shoved the
machine in front of her down and grabbed a nearby piece of piping and
smashed the machine on the floor's head. She charged at the other two
raising the pipe over her head preparing to swing but right before she
swung another surge went through her dropping her to her knees.
> Before she could recover one of the machine's jabbed a strange
electronic device into her chest. Her image faded for a second and the
device bonded itself to her light-bee. She tried to moved but
couldn't. She tried to scream and curse at the machines but nothing
would come out. She just sat there on her knees unable to do anything.
Surges ran through her making her experience unimaginable pain. "The
device is going to forcefully remove all of the data that we need to
and then it's going to take over your systems so we will have control.
Have anything to say about that now?" The other machine asked. Kara
tried to swipe at him but couldn't. She was terrified and couldn't
show it. She could feel herself being torn apart and being reformatted.
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