a bit of 'Enlightenment'

Kara woke up to find herself sitting in a control room that was very unfamiliar. Thelast thing she remembered was being rounded up by a few Space Corp techs aftershe had returned to the flagship. She got up out of the chair and looked around. "Where the smeg am I?" She asked as she scratched her head. She wandered out of the control room and walked her way down the corridor outside. She tried to remember what exactly had happened but her memories seemedsomewhat fuzzy. Suddenly her head began to fill with information about her location and what had happened. That damned Space Corp test program wasstill being used on her. The rush of information tended to make things verydisorienting at times. Also it was very discomforting cause it somewhat made her feel as though her free-will was being sapped away. She didn't want to become another mindless zombie....no thanks. She found a nearby lift and entered it. As she traveled down a few floors theship took a number of shapes and incarnations. She could not wait until they got the Blue Dwarf back. At least hopefully then she could get this damnprogram removed and be able to think for herself. She exited the lift and startedher search for other Blue Dwarf crewmembers.Get thousands of games on your PC, your mobile phone, and the web with Windows®. Game with Windows

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