Re: A piece of the action

Who: Lester Seventeen-dot-Phelps, SNIDE, some Krylons, and a surprise
appearance by Justin Pancake
Where: The computer suite on the SS Enlightenment v0.22. BETA
When: Just as Lester is about the be beheaded
The second Krylon moved forward, its arm ended in spinning pincer
blades which it raised above its head to get a decent, devastating chop.
Underneath, Lester giggled inanely and twitched in his self-induced
stupor, the long shadow of the Krylon plunged him into darkness...
<end snip>
The pincer blade came down, but was deflected by a high-velocity
penis. The Krylon looked around in confusion. Justin Pancake stood in
the doorway holding a high-velocity holographic projector. He fired
again and the Krylon felt a penis jab him in the eye.
"You can't stop us pathetic holographic human!" the Krylon said in
it's monotone voice. Then found a high velocity willy in his mouth. It
must have hit a sensitive area as he keeled over backwards and had a
spasm of sparks.
"Heh, chomp on that you automated asshole." Justin said.
The other Krylon however didn't waste any time. A knife extended from
his arm and he chopped Lester's head clean off his shoulders. A little
robot that Justin would later come to know as SNIDE flew across the
room still gripping the holographic dismembered head.
The head and body disappeared (with a minus 100 points symbol
displayed), leaving SNIDE wondering what had happened.
The Krylon extended a small mobile grappling hook that took the gun
out of Justin's hands, leaving him defenceless. "Oh smeg" he said.
Then realised he still had another weapon, something he'd programmed
into Holly earlier.
"Holly. Initiate tactic 'Month Python #1' now!"
Nothing happened. The Krylon raised a blast weapon and fired at
Justin. He rolled, and was just covered in pixels as the wall behind
him disintegrated.
"Holly! Now!" Justin said, popping his head up above a computer desk.
But Holly was too busy fighting the virus, his computer processor was
almost at full capacity.
Another blast caused Justin to duck. The desk was deleted, leaving him
exposed. He jumped away from another blast. It seemed like the Krylon
was enjoying this game of cat and mouse.
"Holly!" Justin cried again. "Initiate tactic 'Month Python #1' "
Then Holly' voice could be heard. "Oh sorry. Was a bit distracted."
A large holographic foot extended from the ceiling and squashed the
Krylon robot. Gears exploded from it's crushed body.
Justin sighed in relief, and a respawned version of Lester
Seventeen-dot-Phelps appeared at the door. SNIDE crawled up his leg
and back onto his head.
"You let him kill me!"
"Yeah sorry. But you're here again now. What were you doing anyway?"
"I was helping Holly fight a virus in his system. It's called 'Shinto'."
"Can I help?"
"SNIDE helps me interface with the system.. I don't think he can do it
for two."
"Make it holographic."
"Make it holographic. Then we can both fight him."
"That's just silly... why would we..."
"Silly? Silly is shooting a robot in the mouth with your own sexual
organ." Justin joked.
"I guess if I force the hologram into a holographic body it wouldn't
be so bad." Lester said, his fingers flying over a keybaord at a
nearby computer.
"Where is he?" Justin asked.
"Oh yeah, sorry I meant to tell you he's invisible."
"What?!" Justin looked over at Lester, who had now changed into some
sort of cowbow. The tiny robot on his shoulder was now wearing a
miniature yellow cape and a domino mask.
"Just called me... 'The Silver Shadow'" Lester said dramatically.
"Can you make him un-invisible?"
"You mean 'visible'."
"Y-" Justin couldnt finish the word as he was thrown backwards, with
the words "kapow" where he used to be. He had been hit by the
invisible assailant.
He was then picked up and whirled around, without being able to see
who was attacking him. Justin punched the air but it was no use. He
was thrown across the room where he dented the wall.
<Will the invisible virus thug get away with this? Tag Lester or
anyone else!>

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