OOC - Second busiest month of the year!

OOC - Hello ladies andd gents, I just wanted to point out that this
month has been the second most active month of the year so far -
congratulations everyone!
The posts have been brilliant this month, I've really enjoyed reading
then. We've seen the return of some good characters, as well as some
really good development of existing characters. Post quality has been
high, and even when it's been a bit ropey I hope we can all see past
bad spellings and grammar to see the post in the spirit it was
If we get another 14 posts in the next day, this will be the most
active month of the year, but somehow I don't think we'll make that -
unless we fill it with meaningless OOC posts. And then it would just be
Just wanted to say well done on a great month! :-)

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