Pancake kills again

Who: Justin, Callum Kotchanski, Chris Harris
Where: Blue Dwarf 388, the one with the flids
When: After Justin shot Lester
Lester dragged himself up to a sitting position and was distantly
aware of the slight sagging sensation in his right-side where Justin
had shot him. Why was Justin shooting him? Hmm, something to think
about later. The kid was a prick, but not a killer. Something was going on
Harris and Kochaski saw the whole thing. "I'm sorry, I'm really sorry"
murmered Justin, but as he caught the glares of Harris and Kochanski,
his eyes weren't sorry at all.
Harris grabbed him by the shoulder. "Listen sonny, you're not telling
me that's an accident."
"I am! It was!" Justin wined. "It just... went off."
"You pointed it right at him!" Said CK.
Justin knew the situation was hopeless. He kicked Harris between the
legs and he fell to his knees. CK made a grab for him, but Justin
pushed him back where he slipped on some Hymenoptera blood, and fell
over the carcass of one of the deceased insects.
Justin ran. Again.
He wasn't quite sure what seemed to be happening. He didn't want to
kill these people, but it seemed like he was.
"He must be an evil Justin from a parallel universe!" He heard Harris
shout behind him. "Get him!"
Justin heard a squad of Security Guards running after him. For a small
moment he considered if he was an evil version of himself from a
different universe, but then he realised he would remember, wouldn't he?
Two security guards met him straight on. They wore JMC Security
uniforms, but were chimps. Justin could only assume that Harris had
enlisted them to help. They bounded right to him. Justin turned around
ringing, then realised they had dropped dead.
He looked at them on the floor, blood matting in their fur. He looked
down at his own hand, he realised he'd picked up a knife out of one of
their pouches and stabbed them both.
"How did that happen?" He asked himself.
Chris Harris and several security guards stopped running a few metres
away from the dead body and looked at Justin.
"Shit." He said. Justin was stupid, but he wasn't stupid enough to
think this didn't look bad. He knew what they would be thinking.
Harris looked at the blooded knife in Justin's hand. "Ensign Pancake,
put that knife down."
"But I didn't do anything."
"Give it up dude. You're holding a knife with blood on it, and there
are two dead people on the floor."
"But... I didn't mean to do it. It just happened."
Harris raised an eyebrow. He then turned to one of the security
officers next to him. "Obviously this guy is a maniac. Be careful."
"I suggest we taser him sir."
Harris nodded.
"What? No!" Justin yelled as a thousand volts pulsed through his body,
making him shit his pants.
<I think I might need a psychiatrist... hint?>

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