*Actionette* Serve the Hive

Who: Evil Amber, Evil Jay,Where: The ThoraxWhen: During the Raids on the many Blue Dwarfs.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Evil Amber marched down the hallway, her appearance far removed from that of the dark haired pilot on Blue Dwarf Prime. Her skin was pallid and sickly looking, greenish hues where they should be pink, patches were chitinous and almost scaly to the touch. Her hair had matted together and formed long tendrils like insect legs and her eyes were two inky pools of blackness, what looked like the beginnings of a pair of useless wing bones pokes out from under the tight leather jacket she wore. She was being changed, manipulated by the Hymenopteran spine in her neck it was slowly morphing her DNA into something else, a hybrid of the two races. She entered the dungeon and smiled pointedly at the occupants of the room. Almost simultaneously all of the Jay's growled at her and gave hr the same look of hate. Amber laughed."My, my... Aren't we all feisty today." She swayed her way over to one of the Jay's, a particular version that had developed grey eyes instead of Jay's natural shade. "It is such a shame that we need you all for.." she sucked air through her teeth deliberately playing with them like a cat would a mouse. "Well, we shall let you discover that little fact when you meet with Dr Shakespeare in the next room." As if on cue, a tortured scream echoed down the corridor. A shadow fell across the doorway, Amber walked over to a variant Jay that had ginger hair and freckles covering his face. "You know, it's a proven fact that Red heads feel more pain." She ran a hand down his face, long fingernails scratching slightly. The Jay flinched away from the touch, evidently a version that had never developed Jay Prime's courage."Now, now. You wont go messing with them will you?" Came the cracked voice of Evil Jay from the doorway. "Certainly not my darling Emperor, but can't I have a few, I could have so much fun with more than one of you." She draped herself over EJ and looked up at him, smiling seductively. Evil Jay pulled his hands away and Amber fell to the floor. She glowered at him before getting to her feet and softening her look, she moved behind him and began to massage his shoulders. "You know how much I need them. It could be any of them. Or any number of them. It's simply taking to long to find the right one!" Jay growled and slammed his fist into the wall. "Why haven't the raiders brought in all of the Jay's yet? My scanners are still picking up several left.""It's alright my love. I understand. We will get what you need. I'll dispatch more units now." She purred into his ear quietly. Jay stomped over to the red headed Chrysler and cut him down from his web like constraints. "You're next." He snarled and dragged the Chrysler off by his hair.---- Thorax Bridge ---Evil Amber focused in on the hive mind and snarled orders in Hymenopteran across the neural linked network of bug minds."This is your Queen. Dispatch all Coleoptera, Capensis and Coccinella fighters, use the Lepidoptera transporters to get the Grez onto the ships with the few versions of your Emperor left. The Queen of Blades commands it!" She listened to the confirmations and then let the general chatter and hubbub overtake her for a few moments, relishing in the feeling of belonging to something, not looked down on with derision like she had been on the Blue Dwarf, but looked up to with fear and awe. She drew her attention back to the viewing lattice and focused on directing the fighters, re-newing the assault on the blue sea of ships.---- Blue Dwarf Prime ----The brightly coloured Lepidoptera transport landed with a quiet fwoosh as the wings settled into their vertical standby position, the Grez piled out of the ship, tiny for Hymenoptera, about the size of a dog with four strong legs ending in vicious looking claws and two hooked pincers looping over their tooth filled face. A small Swarm of them jumped out to the ship their small wings fluttering slightly to make the jumps go further. Their call sounded like a cross between a screech and a 'keh' sound, which they repeated in stints of three. They filed down the corridors, savaging crew and headed for the promenade.<Tag!>OOC - Who came up with BD Prime? Genius in this situation. :D        Also, Shame SOTM isn't running, or I'd have nominated Lester for the completely ingenious use of Sonnets and Shakespearean whist using Sean's character!   Nice one :D I love being Evil :DYeah ok... Don't tell Blizzard.   >_>

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