Jayne:- Clonecussion

Jayne's screams echoed along the corridors of the Thorax.
There was no-one, however to come to her aid. Anyone who might have
heard her would more likely smile at the sound.
In a darkened room, she tried to lift her head, but found herself
unable to. She was only able to stay upright due to the manacles
that held her firmly against the vertical bed that she found herself
strapped to, her arms and legs held apart.
"Whu……why…." Was all she could manage to utter, the agonising pain
searing through her every fibre.
"Thine deepest apologies my lady" Shakespeare said
softly. "Pleaseth, it iseth not mine wish to inflicteth this upon'st
"Then…why are you?"
"Thy amst a prisoner'est too" was Shakespeare's reply. "If the
emperor's bidding'st I doth not follow, mine colleague he shall
Jayne had figured out that this wasn't Shakespeare PRIME, but it
didn't make her feel any better.
"So you're going to kill me instead?" she asked "And all the other
versions of Chrysler?"
"Nay" Shakespeare said "Only one shall die, only one ist compatible-
"Am I "compatible-eth?"
Shakespeare glanced at the readout on the nearby terminal. "You
are'st the closesteth match yet…" said the surgeon. "But alas, thou
are still not closeth enough…"
"Close enough to what?"
"My DNA" came a third voice, from a darkened corner, making both
Jayne and Shakespeare jump.
"My lord.." Shakespeare said bowing "I waseth not awarest that thou
was present"
"What do you want with me?" Jayne asked, managing to lift her head
just enough to look Evil Jay in the eye.
"With you?" He replied "Nothing. Though I must profess to enjoying
watching you suffer."
He turned to Shakespeare.
"She's a modified clone, right?"
Shakespeare nodded.
"Aren't you lucky" Evil Jay said to Jayne. "I'm told that you're DNA
is almost an exact match. It's only the modifications to your
genetic code - presumably those that caused you to be born female –
that prevent you from being a match, which means that whichever
version of Chrysler you were cloned from is the one I need…what
version of Blue Dwarf are you from my dear?"
Evil Jay lifted Jayne's chin with his finger as he asked this.
"Bite me…" was all she managed to utter.
"Blue Dwarf Prime…." Came Shakespeares subdued response.
"Why didn't we see it before! OF COURSE!!!!" he then turned back to
Jayne "See. I gave you the opportunity to tell me. You decided to be
insolent. Shakespeare, let her down. And take her back to her
cell….I'll send some of my elite guard in to execute her"
"Buteth, you assured me thateth only the match would die!"
"would you have continued to examine all of the Chryslers had I told
you anything else?"
Shakespeare had to concede that he wouldn't have, he nodded his
acknowledgement silently.
"Exactly. Now that we know who we need, I no longer have a use for
any of them. They will all be killed."
"Why does he need Jay's DNA?" Jayne asked, as Shakespeare released
her from her bonds and supporting her on his shoulder led her out
"He needeths…a graft…" Shakespeare replied "All this time linkedeth
to the hive hast beguneth to have some…un-desired side effects.
Queen Amber is noweth more insect that she is human now. Her GELF
DNA has allowed'st her to accept the changes, to harnesseth her new
phyisioligy…The Emperors …pure human DNA haseth rejected the
"So he's dying…"
"Yeseth. Without a DNA grafteth from a compatible donor, he will
surelyeth perish"
"And Jay PRIME is the only compatible donor because He and Evil Jay
share the same DNA exactly…."
"Correcteth. Emperor Jay and Captain Jay are one'st and the sameth,
justeth both from differeneth timelines."
"So we need to make sure he never gets hold of my Jay…."
"Yeseth, howeverst, he will now surely focus all of his attackeths
on Blue Dwarf Prime…"
"Guess we have to stop him then…"
"Buteth how? Thou and your counterparts are due to be executed.."
"We all get a last meal right?"
"I supposeeth that caneth be arranged…"
"Good. I'm not hungry…..just get us all a large case of whatever
alcohol you can find…I need to er…"drown my sorrows…"

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