Dysart, Lester - 'Set soakers to 'beer'!'

Who: Dysart, Lester, Lester and Lester
Where: Promenade walkway
When: 5 minutes after previous post
Dysart had memories of super soakers.
Yeah, his childhood (or should he say- Andy's) ended about as well as
the Roman empire did that didn't mean to say it was all bad. Yeah,
pump-up soakers, battery powered soakers... hell even those awesome
new ice-cold guns. All to help stave
off the Australian heat.
Mind you... they all had water in them.
Not beer.
And he was shooting at his peers.
Not giant space bugs.
"In this circumstance, if you're going to shoot me again, make it to
the face, if you'd be so kind," 'ID' Lester smirked. After a short
time of exposure Dysart had identified and nick-named three of
Lester's personalities after the freudian theory. He thought it fit
pretty well but hadn't brought it up. Never tell a crazy man he's
crazy, especially one that could toss you over his shoulder and
regenerate wounds.
Strolling down the deserted streets of the plaza, Dysart kept a short
distance behind Lester. If the MPD wanted to go first it was up to him.
"Look I said I'm sorry, alright? Besides, you repaired my arm. No more
mistakes." The AI replied earnestly before giving his hand a quick whir.
Lester had fashioned a series of bizarre grenade belts holding bottles
of beer, criss-crossing their their bodies. Dysart was carrying the
most, thanks to Lester's over clocking of his motivational actuators.
A massive barrel of booze slung over each of their backs like
backpacks, connected to hoses that ended in spigots, for reloading.
Right now the two of them looked like they were loaded up for Ghost
busting at an intergalactic Oktoberfest, not intergalactic bug
hunting. Then again, this is probably the only ship in the galaxy
where the two could be synonymous.
"I let mistakes live in the past," Ice-cold ego Lester continued, the
malice in his voice was as subtle as the alcohol-loaded super soaker
in his hands, "It's the future ones I look out for." He seemed to
consider his fingertips as he said this.
"W-we should give him a break, w-we all make mistakes." His voice
shifted as 'Super-ego' Lester chipped in. The AI defiantly liked him
the most. "W-we d-didn't h-have to do what we d..."
"Shut up!" Lester snapped at himself, then he continued in a calmer
tone, "Dysart has helped us out this far." Finally a more neutral
voice, Dysart was grateful as it asserted itself. He labeled him:
'Ego' Lester, certainly the most level headed of either.
Which, in hindsight, actually wasn't saying much.
"You got here on a bug craft, is that the best way to get us to the
Hive ship?" Ego added hopefully but never breaking his stride.
"We should take a Starbug clearly; we better not take a Hymenopteran
craft," Dysart told him, causing Lester to stop and glare.
"They're a bit prone to crashing." The AI suggested flippantly.
"...W-what?" SuperEgo quired in his high-pitched tone.
"Nothing!" Dysart 'coughed' then quickly added.
"...So what's your story?" 'Id' asked nonchalantly.
"What?" Dysart's holographic face flicked up.
"Why are you here and why did you shoot me? Do I have to spell it
out?" Id added, only this time with a thrust of aggression rather than
curious apathy.
"I... knew a crew member on Blue Dwarf. Not sure what happened to
him... but I
think he's dead." Dysart admitted softly. It wasn't the whole truth
but like any good lie it had elements of the truth. He hadn't heard
about Andy in a long time. Being the magnet for danger he was certain
that he'd have cropped up in the news sooner or later. He had his
suspicions but he also had no proof.
"Y-you're pretty s-s-structurally un-s-sound. W-who made you?"
SuperEgo added in a voice that could have just as easily said, 'You
suck but oh god, please don't hit me!'
"Hey! My body may be crap but my Light bee, CPU and initial brain scan
are and were all top notch!! I've even reprogrammed parts of my own
*hard coding* to fill in some blanks in the original code!!"
"Yet you didn't even take the time to optimizes your hydraulics." Ego
quickly noted.
"I'm just a Ha-! I mean... I'm a programmer, not a robotics engineer."
That was one mistake he didn't plan to repeat.
"Besides," Dysart added. "I'm some kind of prototype. Series 1 model,
but I'm not thinking that I was made for entirely... pacifist
purposes, you know?"
"Oh? So you don't even have a clear function tree?" It was the
cold-hearted bastard 'Id' Lester again, he thoughtfully rubbed the
back of his head.
"What about you...?" It was an innocent enough question.
"...Me?" Lester stopped and turned to him.
"Yeah... uh... those are some pretty hardcore body mods." The last
thing he wanted to do was to draw attention to the fact that he
thought he was batshit crazy.
Blinking slightly, the technician slowly turned back and trudged back
towards the robot, flexing his gauntlet-hand.
"I woke up a few hours ago to find that 'm an ugly -HEY!- geeky, AI
programmer. I fix machines for a living. Now I don't know exactly what
I used to do, but I don't want to go on making a living out of it.
It's not my specialty." Lester replied simply, shrugging.
"I see... I was erm... taught in the more secure parts of programming."
"Y-you're a hacker then."
"God damn it." Dysart breathed a sigh of frustration.
"We're at the elevator." Ego Lester stated, pointing at the turbo lift.
Dysart moved up to the lift, quickly punching in co-ordinates to the
flight deck. He could have only hoped that there wasn't too many
beasties up there. "Stack up." Dysart said, pushing against the
opposite side of the lift.
With an airy 'shoom' the doors to the lift hissed open. Two super
soakers pointed inside but no targets where found.
Like two lazy house cats, the IT guys gracefully slunk in and found
their own spaces in the expansive lift.
Inside the two (three? four?) remained silent, letting down their
tankard loads.
"I wonder, what type of alcohol works better... bourbon or vodka."
'Id' mumbled to himself as he sifted through the bottles.
"Vodka I'd bet. It'd probably be the alcohol content." Ego replied,
essentially doing the same.
"Shit, if I'd know it was alcohol then I'd have picked up some
mentholated spirits in the broom closet." Dysart click his tongue in
"Th-this is going to scar me for life, isn't it?" SuperEgo squeaked
"Not really," Ego replied, "it's not going to harm any of us for very
long, as long as the Nanites keep going."
"That isn't what I m-meant," the timid side of Lester replied. It made
Dysart slightly uncomfortable, like he was intruding on a private
The elevator gave lurch as it came to a halt. Holly's droning voice
announced their arrival.
"Quiet, we've reached the flight deck." 'Ego' stated in a no-nonsense
tone as he gathered his equipment.
"What's the plan?" Dysart queried. He pulled off one the beer cans
from his Bandoleer. Then flicking off the cap with his metal fingers,
jamming the neck into the receiver of his super soaker.
Lester's fist slammed on the 'open doors' button.
Just beyond the corridors outside the entrance of flight bay 01 was a
small army of Hymenoptera . The bugs where undoubtedly an advance
party but there was still enough of them to waste about a quarter of
their supplies.
A long grin slowly crawled it's way across Lester's face. He pumped
his super soaker like it was a steam engine piston then strolled out
of the elevator.
"Drink and be merry." 'Id' quoted.
Dysart's holographic form mirrored his expression and followed him.
Today he was going to kill giant bugs with alcohol. This wouldn't have
been the most awesome moment of his non-life but damn it was going to
be close.
<Beer rush!! Tag Lester!>
OOC: Yeah... pretty talk-y post. But it was just a lead up to the
awesome that would soon ensue!
Oh yeah, and sorry about confusing you with Henry Pote, accidently
mixed up your emails!:P

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