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Efof fidgeted uncomfortably. "Well that's the thing... We don't have enough fighters out here to stop the Hymies from blowing everyone up AND stopping them from getting to you.""Oh.""So which shall we do?"Efof waited for a response.
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"Efof" replied Jay "Call off the attacks..."
"What? Why? We can't..."
"Efof, trust me."
The blue skinned alien sighed. "You've never given me a reason not to...." his four hands darted across his Space Eagle's control panels sending an abort message out to every fighter from every Blue Dwarf that was still fighting.
Jay, watching the main viewscreen in the Drive Room watched as the Blue Dwarf ship's shut down their engines and drifted harmlessly in space.
"Mk.10...hail the Thorax..."
"Jay..we've tried that a dozen times he never responds. He's too arrogant.."
"That's an order, Ten. Hail the Thorax now"
Mk.10 sent a command down his USB connection into the Blue Dwarf's communications array and nodded in Jay's direction.
"Emperor Chrysler. This Captain Jay Chrysler, of Blue Dwarf....Prime..." he looked over to Mk.10 who responded by shaking his head to indicate that there was no response, but Evil Jay was listening.
"Call off your attacks on the other Blue Dwarfs." still no response.
"And I'll hand myself over. Without a fight" a Blue Dwarf exploded, not too far from the PRIME ship, and a handful of Coccinella's soared past Jay's viewscreen, then they too, stopped dead, an instant before the view was replaced by the smirking face of Emperor Chrysler.
"How very noble of you Captain."
"Call the attacks off, and release your prisoners. And I'll surrender"
"That is a tempting offer." Evil Jay replied "But...I fail to see what use it is to me...I know that your outnumbered, outgunned and overpowered theres no way that you could stop me from destroying everyone here and still taking you prisoner..."
"You need me alive right?"
"That would make it easier...I'll admit.."
"Fine..then agree to my demands." Jay was now holding a gun to his head.
"You're too much of a coward"
"You've been inside my fact, you still are. Look deep inside yourself, my personality is still inside of you somewhere...see what that tells you.."
Emperor Jay paused for a long moment. Then nodded.
Jay lowered the gun. "I'll give myself up to one of your soldiers still aboard my ship. It can bring me over"
Evil Jay cut the transmission.
"Has he called off the attacks?" Mk.10 nodded.
Jay then spoke into the ships Tannoy. "Amber. you're up...."
Amber waited, the Vespidae was primed and ready for launch, as per Jay's orders. A platoon of Canaries and security were there too. Armed to the teeth.
Jay of course had no intention of giving himself up. They'd use the Vespidae to get aboard the Thorax - Amber had already managed to fool them once, after all. And once inside, they were going to take out Evil Jay.
The hangar bay doors hissed open and Amber stood to attention, as her Captain entered. Piloting the Eve-1 exo suit.
Jay looked at Amber with a fury in his eyes Amber hadn't seen before.
"Let's do this...." was his only comment....
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Who: Efof Yuwan'KarWhere: In a Blue Midget, heading towards the Jamaican Mining Ship (Blue Dwarf #786)When: After Emperor Jay decided he only needed Jay PRIME.Space was frantic. And this was quite unusual for space, as it normally contained vast empty gaps of nothingness. But here, there were something like a thousand Blue Dwarf's, swarmed upon by what seemed like hundreds of thousands of smaller Hymenoptera ships, buzzing around them like flies.Efof had a hard time seeing what was going on, until he saw the explosions. Two Blue Dwarf's exploded into white-hot fireballs in the distance, and then so did one much closer to him. He had to swerve his small ship to avoid it. Efof didn't loose much time, he quickly hooked up to the other Blue Midgets, Starbugs and Space Eagles in the area via Skype."Are you seeing what I'm seeing?" He asked. A torrent of replies came back in the affermative.Efof watched as a fat Hymenoptera ship coloured like a ladybird flew straight past him. He kicked himself for not noticing it earlier. "I've just spotted one of them. It's a Coccinella-class Hymenoptera shuttle filled with explosives."Efof watched as it made a bee-line towards the closest Blue Dwarf to him. He accelerated towards it and held his finger down on his gun trigger until the Coccinella-class exploded into a red fireball (with cute little black spots)."I got one, but there's hundreds more!" Efof screamed over the radio. Then he pressed a few quick buttons to radio back to base."Jay! Jay.... I mean... Captain Chrysler!" He called. After just a quick pause, Jay's voice came through his speakers."Yes Efof. What is it?""The Hymenoptera seem to have given up raiding all these ships. Now they're just ramming them with ships filled with explosives.""Shit.""Yeah a bit. We can stop some of them, but I've just noticed something.""What is it?""There's another wave of ships coming from the Thorax heading towards you. I know I'm not very bright but I think it's quite obvious.... Evil Jay doesn't want the other Jay Chrylser's any more... it looks like he's only after you."There was silence on the other end."Jay?""I'm still here. We'll get ready for attack. Thanks for letting me know. Do whatever you can to shoot down the ships coming for us."Efof fidgeted uncomfortably. "Well that's the thing... We don't have enough fighters out here to stop the Hymies from blowing everyone up AND stopping them from getting to you.""Oh.""So which shall we do?"Efof waited for a response.<Tag Mr Longman if you're able!>

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