Pancake meets the General

Who: Justin Pancake and the slightly more evil JP
Where: In a Starbug heading towards another Hymenoptera ship
When: Just after the Hymenoptera turned kamikaze
"The Hymenoptera are dispatching Coccinella Transports filled with
explosives to crash into them and destroy them." Explained JP,
Justin's alternate from another universe.
Justin watched the fat Coccinella ships fly from the Thorax and crash
into several other Blue Dwarf's.
JP turned their Starbug towards the Thorax, or more precisely to a
smaller ship underneath that was just decloaking. Justin's jaw dropped
open. "It looks almost as evil as the Thorax."
JP nodded. "That is the General's ship. He is Emperor jay's military
leader and adviser. He is part Hymenoptera which makes him ideal for
keeping Human/Hymenoptera relations."
Justin nodded as he could see how that might help.
They docked and Justin was pushed off the Starbug by JP, and caught by
some Hymenoptera soldiers. They caught him in their mandibles and
turned him over and over.
"Hey got off me!" He cried.
They vomited on his hands and Justin just looked baffled and
disgusted. "Hey, what are you doing you crazy overgrown insects –
that's disgusting!" The vomit on his hands hardened, keeping his hands
binded together. It seemed stronger than any kind of glue that Justin
had ever known.
"Cool it Justin." Said JP behind him. "They're just handcuffing you,
in case you try to escape, or kill the General."
"I'm no spy! I'm just a guy... y'know?" Justin said, and JP nodded.
He was brought to a large Chamber which had a few Hymenoptera
interface controls, and a chair where the General was sitting. The man
(or whatever he was) was in the shadows, so Justin couldn't see quite
what he looked like.
"General!" JP announced. "I have brought you a new recruit, as you
asked. This is me from an alternate universe."
The General stepped forward. Justin could see now that the shadowy
figure wasn't human. He had arms and legs, but his torso was much
bulkier, and had insect limbs and mandibles coming out of it. Around
his legs were ripped jeans, but spikes were protruding through them.
He wore a red chequered shire, which was torn from insect legs that
seemed to have burst out of it. Dried blood was on his clothes, which
was green from his Hymenoptera physiology.
His head was larger than a normal head, because it had two large bug
eyes to replace his normal human eyes, with several more smaller eyes
that seemed to have sprouted from his skin all over his cheek and
forehead. More insect-like spikes protruded from his human face, which
looked like it was already scarred and unshaven.
On top of all of this mess of half-human, half insect was something
that could only be described as .... a cowboy hat.
"Howdy partnerssssssss." Said the General.
Justin looked up. "You're the General?" He asked.
"Yeah sssssiree perter. Ahm no other than General Calvert. General Jed
Justin's eyes widened.
<Did anybody see that coming? Eh? Anyone?>

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