The General kills Justin Pancake

Who: Justin Pancake, General Jed Calvert and JP
Where: General Calvert's ship
When: Before one of the BD's crashes into the Thorax
Calvert laughed. He actually laughed, it came out as a horrid cackle
though, and his Hymenoptera side made more of a horrendous hissing sound.
This made Justin quite worried, but he tried not to show it. Although
sooner or later someone would smell that he'd shit his pants.
Justin thought for certain that Calvert would kill him now. He could
feel it, death was in the air. Rage built up in the General's face, he
could see him turning from green to red.
"You've got balls Pancake." Calvert said.
Then he charged forward, and raised two of his insectoid limbs high
into the air, and brought them down onto... JP, Justin's double from
an alternate universe. He stabbed the man twice through the chest and
raised him high into the air, above his head with the shiny black
spider eyes. JP screeched in pain and begged to be let down.
He reached up with a sharp claw and slit JP's neck. Blood fountained
out all over the half man, half Hymenoptera and he loved it. Jed
licked his lips and drank the blood that was spilling out of the
bleeding human.
"Oh yeah, that's so good!" He cried out in ecstasy as Justin watched
in horror.
When he had finished gorging himself on JP's blood, Calvert slung him
to one side where he hit the wall hard and fell with a thud. Blood
still leaked from his neck, but it wasn't gushing as fast anymore.
"You have balls Pancake." Calvert said as he smeared the blood over
his mouth. It dripped off his sharp teeth. "But that one didn't." He
pointed to JP on the floor. "It took years for us to condition that
one to be anywhere near useful. And you're giving me some lip without
Calvert clomped around the chamber some more. Then turned back to
Justin. "Did he tell you about how you were conceived?"
"Did he tell you about the corridor of infinite perversions?" Calvert
said. This immediately sparked Justin's attention. It is what had been
written on the corridor before Lester and Callum accused him of
locking them in. It was also what had been said to him by the Justin
Pancake who spoke in Esperanto.
"I've... I've heard of that!" Justin said.
Calvert grinned a wide toothy grin. "I bet you have." He chuckled.
"Obviously the Jed Calvert in your universe hasn't found your hidden
Hymenoptera potential."
"What? Jed Calvert in my universe doesn't work for the Hymenoptera! He
used to be Captain of the Blue Dwarf just before I joined."
General Calvert let out a full belly laugh. "Oh that's what they told
you is it?"
"Well yeah. Cos it's true."
"And what about you?" Calvert snapped. "Haven't you had any
inclination to help the Hymenoptera?"
"Only when JP forced me!" Justin said.
"I mean before that!"
Justin frowned, he had no idea what the half man, half insect was
talking about.
Calvert looked shocked. "You're the strongest I've seen so far. In all
these Many multiple universes..." He gestured towards a window which
opened to show the other Blue Dwarfs. The window opened like an iris,
or as Justin thought – like a rectum.
As Jed pointed, something dramatic happened. One of the Blue Dwarves
crashed at full speed into the Thorax.
Jed stared at the crash and was stunned into silence for a few minutes.
Justin took this opportunity to run over to JP, and checked his pulse.
He was still alive, but only barely. Justin pulled his blood-soaked
head onto his knee and JP coughed, blood streamed from his mouth.
"JP! JP!" Justin called. "I'm really sorry. I didn't know he was going
to kill you. I think he wants me to take your place, but I don't want
to. I really don't want to!"
JP nodded, and coughed up some more blood.
Justin cradled his head. "I wondered... what was all that business
about 'The corridor of infinate perversion'." Justin asked.
JP found it hard to talk, so Justin moved his head closer to JP's
mouth so he could hear his final death murmer. He whispered into his
ear. "Deck sixty-nine."
And then he died.
Calvert snapped his head around. More Hymenoptera soldier insects had
walked into the room since the destruction of the Thorax. When Calvert
spoke, it was in shock.
"The Emperor is dead." He said. "If Queen Amber is also dead... which
is most likely, then it makes me the new Emperor."
Justin struggled to think of what to say to that. "Congratulations?"
he said uneasily.
Calvert pointed to the dead JP. "He would have been my General."
"Oh. Shame you killed him and ate his blood then!" Justin said.
"Join me." Said Calvert. "Be my General. Fight against the Humans. You
were always an outcast to them anyway. They kept you at a distance
didn't they?"
Justin nodded. This was true.
"They always thought you were a bit of a cock."
Justin nodded some more.
"They called you things didn't they?"
Justin nodded.
"Like 'shitwank' and 'nobcheese'?"
Justin wiped a tear from his eye. Those were his nicknames in high
school. He felt closer to the evil insect/human hybrid now that he
ever had with anyone.
"Join me!" Calvert said. He extended his arms, and his tendrils and
Justin really wanted to take them. He was so close to turning on his
entire race of humans, and working with the Hymenoptera to destroy them.
But then Jed stood in the pool of Jack Daniels. It burnt his
Hymenoptera leg and tripped him up. His face fell into the puddle and
Justin could smell the ghastly smell of melting insect.
Justin put his hands to his face as he saw Calvert writhing around in
agony. The foul insults that came out of his human/insect hybrid mouth
were not nice things.
Justin thought better of sticking around, and quickly took the keys to
the Starbug from the dead JP and ran towards this ships flight deck.
He passed many Hymenoptera on the way but for some reason neither of
them stopped him. He made it to the Starbug and quickly started the
engines. He wasn't trained in flying but worked most of it out. He
flew full pelt back towards the Blue Dwarf.
With so many Blue Dwarf's out there you might be thinking "how did
Justin know which Blue Dwarf to head for?". He headed for the one that
was setting off fireworks to guide their ships home.
Behind him, the General's Hymenoptera ship turned invisible and
disappeared from all radar. Justin knew he'd probably see him again,
but hopefully not too soon.

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