**ACTION** "The Quest for the Holy Grail" or something along those l

**ACTION** - The Quest for the Holy Grail
Rosette sat back against the soft seats within the carriage. Rest was not an option as the stony road sent the carriage all different directions, giving not a single moments peace. With a growl of frustration, Rosette stood, nearly tripped over her dress, and clambered up to the hatch in the roof of the wooden cart.
"How much longer until we get.... there..." Rosette asked, trailing off as she saw the towering wreck of the Blue Dwarf in the distance. The Sherriff of Nottingham looked down at his charge, and spoke loud enough to be heard over the horses, but otherwise quietly.
"Not long, but I don't like the look of it from here." He replied, gesturing out to the wreckage.
"My men are checking it out with the magic weapons." He added. They'd have got there by now, on horses of their own, without having to follow the roads. In the distance, a couple of Horses stood by the side of the road, one man waving the carriage down. With a sudden, jerking movement, the carriage stopped.
Rosette retreated into the carriage as the lady was often meant to, and waited to see what would happen. Not long after, the door opened and a... less than fully clothed woman stepped in.
"Good afternoon, I am Lady Marion, despite appearances..." The newcomer said while sitting.
"Not to be rude, but you look more like a pole-dancer." Rosette replied quickly, as the door closed. Rosette couldn't help but notice the marks on her body that suggested where the pole had been. Also the fact that the underwear she had been wearing was very much not from this time period.
"What would you say if i were to mention the words.. Blue Dwarf... to you?" Rosette asked, trying to sound as normal as possible for the time period, while hoping to give away her identity to someone that knew the words. Instantly, Cass' eyes lit up.
"I'd say take me to Parrotts." Cass replied.
"I'll even buy you a drink if we get back. We need to get back to our time first."
They sat in silence for a while, trying to think of ways to get back. Both of them had thought about using the wormhole drive from the crashed Blue Dwarf, but it would undoubtedly have been destroyed.
"Hold up... whats that?" Cass asked, looking at a picture of a well dressed woman in a pretty weird looking dress, as far as the current fashion went. To them, it looked pretty normal.
"Huh... It's Queen Brittany." Rosette said, turning around to get a closer look. She prodded the picture, which prompted it to pop open, revealing a datapad.
"Hey, it's something from our time... How the hell did it get here?" Rosette asked as they both looked at it closely. Atop it were the words
"To those it may concern. Get your butts back to the real time, you're destabilising everything!
Yours - Annie."
Rosette pushed the button labelled 'Next' and was then given instructions.
"Give this to Jay..."
"We need to find the captain." Cass said, but Rosette wasn't so happy about it. "But we have no idea where he is, and neither of us are fit to fight, or run away from these guys."
"Hey, look deeper in the hole..." Cass said, reaching over Rosette to get to it. She pulled out a handgun.
"Wow, that'll help." Rosette said with a manic grin. She grabbed hold of the hem of her dress and began to tear it until it was more of a minidress.
"Right. The moment this cart stops, we're getting out of here.
"JAY!" Rosette yelled, running towards the group. In front of them sat the Dragon that they had been sent to destroy. She handed the datapad over to him straight away.
"Nice dress." Was his first response. The other was "HEY! WE CAN GET HOME!"
Soon, he had the entire crew assembled, and standing around ready to do something about the mess they were in.
"Right. We need everyone to split into four groups." He said, "Or just four volunteers to help get us out of here."
he continued to read the datapad.
"Right. A time-traveller has placed some parts for a device that can get us home... She calls it a singularity virus... whatever that means." Jay began to explain, hoping to get everyone home soon.
"There are four parts to it, and they're all marked on this map. It doesn't say what we have to do to get the parts, so do what you have to." He said, turning the datapad off.
"The parts will be explained to you when you get there... I don't even know what you're going to be looking for.... I'd guess its so no one from this timeline can get to it, and do something wrong."
<<Tag everyone. We have a task to get us all back home. Get the parts if you want, doesn't matter who. The parts that need to be collected are as follows..
1. Trigger mechanism
2. vial of virus
3. enclosure
4. instructions on how to put it together and use it.
Make up the tests when you get there! something only a dwarfer would be able to do. anything at all! might even just be a general knowledge question from our time period!>

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