Reality Check - Part 2

Micky reached the bottom of the ladders just in time to see Holly climb over the top.
"Get back here!" Micky's anger was building up. He hadn't felt like this in a long time. It was really starting to feel good again.
He was climbing faster than he thought possible. 'This is my world, I can do what I want!' Before he knew it he was leaping up the ladder four rungs at a time. He didn't feel out of breath, but the rage still grew inside him. Dark black clouds circled over head, low rumblings of thunder getting closer. With one last heave Micky threw himself up the last eight feet of the ladder. When he landed on the deck some 40 feet in the sky a long streak of lighting tore across the sky with the accompanyment of a huge crack of thunder.
"Stay the fuck away from that transmitter!" Micky screamed at Holly, who spun around in shock, not expecting such an uprising from such a small man. "You made a big mistake picking me for your little mission!"
"Oh really?" The evil Holly asked. "All I have to do is enter the right four digit number in here and I have control of my ship again!" He hit four number on the pad. "You're so predictable, little Micky!" A red light flashed on the console.
'Wrong Number Entered. Try again.'
Holly looked up in shock.
"Maybe the person on that ship is predictable. But you brought me back to a time when I was far from it." Micky advanced on the tall man with red eyes. He only had one thing he wanted to do. "I'm in control here. I'm not scared of you. I'm not scared of dying. I'm not scared of ANYTHING!" The last word came out so loud that it was practically an animalistic roar. Holly for the first time, looked scared.
Without taking his eyes off Holly, Micky punched in a long set of numbers in the keypad. This time a green light flashed and with the sound of twisting metal the top of the tower started to cave in on itself. Holly could see a growing black vortex forming at in the middle of the base of tower, pulling it into the ground. He couldn't see where it led to, but he knew that if he went there, he would be no more.
"Micky!" He heard captain Chrysler calling from the ground. He took his eyes off Holly and looked down. "You need to get down from there! The towers collaps- Look out!" Jay pointed behind Micky, but it was too late. Holly swung the metal bar and hit Micky right in the back of the head, sending him stumbling forwards over the edge of the tower in a daze. The rush of air past his head told him he was falling.
"No..." he whispered to himself. His eyes drifted closed. He didn't even need to concentrate that hard anymore.
The rush of air stopped. When he opened his eyes again he was surprissed to see how close he had got. His nose was just a few inches from the dusty floor, but he stayed there, completely still, floating inches from the floor. He looked up at Jay, who had now put Efof down on the floor. He looked amazed.
"That's unreal..." He uttered, not being able to believe his eyes.
"This is my world captain." Micky turned over and set his feet gently on the floor. He looked up to see Holly looking around, trying desperately to find a way off the tower. He was punching in numbers on the console, but Micky had stopped that from working long ago. "Excuse me," he said to the small group of scuffled and injured people behind him. "I have some unfinished business to settle."
With one great leap Micky landed behind Holly on top of the tower. Holly spun round, face twisted in rage.
"You!" Holly came at him. "You ruined everything!" He swung a fist at Micky, but he easily stepped aside. Holly swung again and still only succeeded in hitting air. Micky stepped forward and grabbed the evil computer by the neck, a chocked expression replacing the rage.
"You might think you cant die." He said into Hollys face with utter hatred. "But this is my world now, and I WILL make you suffer." He tightened the grip on the neck of the AI, feeling the tendons and airways crushing and snapping between his fingers. He punched Holly in the face so hard that he stumbled back and almost fell over the edge into the void below the tower. Micky wasn't ready to let him go yet though, and grabbed hold of his shirt. "I'm not finished with you."
He hauled the computer back upright on the platform and grabbed either side of his head.
"NNNNNGGGGGGGH!" Holly let out in agony as Micky squeezed either side of his temples. "No!" The AI tried to pull Mickys hands away, but it was no use. He had taken full control over his life like any man should.
Jay, Angel and Seymour watched this all happening. Efof was coming to just in time to see Micky holding a fully grown man by the head at arms length over the side of the tower.
"What?... Argh..." Efof tried to speak, but it caused him too much pain.
"Try and stay still, Efof." Jay told him without taking his eyes off the action above. There was another sound of twisting metal as the tower creeked and leaned over, ready to tip at any moment. "Micky! It's falling!"
Then everything stopped. The vortex stopped, the thunder stopped, even the wind died down. Jay looked around. After everything he had seen, he was getting quite worried. He didn't know what to expect next. There was a loud, inhuman scream above him and Jay looked up just in time to see Mickys hands crush Hollys skull like it was made of paper. There were loud crunches and cracks of bone being split and shattered between Mickys palms. He held onto the lifless, now headless body for some time. Jay could see he was horrified by what he had done. This is obviously what Micky had been hiding for so long. Obviously why his memories were such a mess.
Micky looked down to see the small group in horror. He realised what he had done. Evil or not, he had taken another life. Something he hadn't done for a long time. His hands opened and let go of the body. Micky fell to his knees in shame.
Jay stepped back as the headless body of Evil Holly fell beside him. Instead of landing in a heap, like it should, it hit the floor and exploded into a white ball of light, forming a hole in the floor that was so bright he couldn't look into it. Angel pointed inside.
"Look!" There was amazement in her voice. "It's the medi-bay! I can see out out of my eyes if I look in there!"
It was true, they all looked in and could see from their own real eyes.
"This is it for you guys." Micky said from above them. He wasn't shouting, but due to the lack of any other noise they could hear him perfectly.
"You have to come with us, Micky!" Jay ordered. "You can't stay here!"
"I don't deserve my life after what I did."
"What do you mean?" Jay didn't understand.
"Thats not the first time I've taken a lif, Jay." Micky said with disgust in himself. "I did a lot worse working for Calvert. It just took being forced to confront my own self by Holly to remember it all. "Micky hung his head. "That bar in Blackburn two... That was my last drink. It had been laced with Memerasers. Calvert ditched me there."
"Micky, we all have things we're ashamed of. Everyone has a past! It's what we make of our future that makes us the people we are!" Jay helped Efof into the gateway home, he dissapeared from Jays view as he did. Angel followed and dissapeared likewise. Seymour took a step forward and looked up.
"You made me drink piss you little toad." Jay shot him an evil look, but he just ignored it. "But I watched you stand up for your rights and the rights of your fellow crew members and civilians on board. You saved the lives of a lot of people. In my eyes, that makes up for any wrong doings in your past. Come back with us Micky, you're a part of the twisted, dysfunctional family that we all make up now. You can't run away from that." Seymour turned and stepped into the gateway leaving Jay and Micky together.
Micky looked down at Jay.
"You know, he might be an insufferable fool, but he's right." Jay didn't know what else to say. "You belong with us." He turned and stepped through and back into his own world.
With a rush of cold, clinical air Jay took a deep breath in. His eyes stung from the bright white light.
Sitting up he looked over to see that Micky hadn't followed. Efof hadn't regained consciousness either, he supposed it would take his body time to realise it wasn't damaged. Angel and Seymour were already on their feet, cleaning Dr. Keto's ointment off their heads.
Keto looked at a monitor above Mickys bed, looked back at Jay and shook his head.
"He's not coming back, Chrysler."
"He made his choice, Keto." Jay look ashamed of himself. "Switch it off."
"What?!" Seymour didn't like the Micky, but he wasn't going to let him die. "He just saved your life!"
"He isn't coming back Niples!" Jay shouted in his face.
"Looks like he wasn't the only one to show his true colours." Seymour turned and walked out of the medi-bay towards the mess he used to call home. Angel walked over to where Jay was sitting wiping the ointment from his head. she sat down and looked him in the eyes.
"Please, Captain, just give him time." She said quietly before leaving the medi-bay herself. Keto stood looking at Chrysler. It wasn't in his nature to be kind and caring, but he understood like everyone else that Micky had saved more than just his own life.
"Captain Chrysler." He said calmly. "We have no shortage of beds, and I will make sure that no precious man hours are taken up by caring for him." The Pink Tree rustled in the corner. "Yes, thank you."
Jay looked up without saying a word and nodded back to him in agreement.
Keto watched him walk out before transferring Micky to one of the long term beds.
"Come back, lad." Keto said quietly as he pushed him into a small room. "I need this bed for my naps."
<Okay people! Micky is out for a while now. I'm off on holiday. Hope you all took a good lesson from this, I don't normally do serious posts, so savour it! Sorry about any poor grammor (<= thats for you grammarnaziofsmeg) but i started writing this at 4:30am so i could have both parts finished before I had to go work! Enjoy, happy dwarfing, and see you all soon! (p.s. its now 7 am, so be grateful!)>

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